Pokemon games tend to have things that don’t always transfer from region to region, but characters are definitely not one of them. Players have seen them appear in the most unexpected places, to the point where people have made memes of Cynthia the champion Sinnoh appearing in the Unova anime.

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No one knows exactly what mechanics the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remakes will have yet, but it’s pretty safe to assume that it will have its fair share of character crossovers like other games. Here are some possible people who can create pop-ins in Sinnoh.


Screenshot of Lillie from the Pokemon anime

People could argue about it, but Lillie is one of the Pok̩mon characters with the greatest personal growth ever. She starts off shy and cowardly but through the story grows her confidence that she always had. Lillie has always been brave, the fact that she was ready to run away from Aether Paradise with Nebby proves it Рit was just that she had to find it within herself. At the end of the Pokemon Sun and Moon games, she leaves on a boat to Kanto. It could be an opportunity for players to see how she grew up traveling through the regions.

J The huntress

J from the diamond and pearl pokemon anime

Something that was expanded a lot in Pokemon Sword and Shield was little side trivia throughout the main quest and we can only hope that they will continue to be in future games. Someone who could be a fun villain and a side quest in the Diamond and Pearl remakes is J from the anime counterpart. J was a black market hunter who captured and stole rare pokemon from people and sold them to customers for high prices. Think of the Team Rocket trio but less funny and more ruthless. She would make the perfect villain story before the real villain since she also has a team of henchmen. Additionally, Pokemon has recently been getting creative in the way they create the villain stories in games.

Elite Four Caitlin

Caitlin Holding a Pokeball, Pokemon Anime

Yes, Caitlin is a member of Elite Four in Unova, but given Cynthia’s role in the Sinnoh games and the fact that the two are close friends, it’s highly plausible that Caitlin will appear in the remakes. In fact, a lot of people would probably like to see their hot friendship continue here.

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It’s a sympathetic bond as they don’t act annoyingly like stereotypical blondes or jealous of each other. They balance mutual respect with a friendly competitive spirit. This connection is a perfect demonstration of non-toxic female friendship.

Paul from the television series

Paul Bending Over With A Poke Ball From The Pokemon Anime

Paul is a character from the counterpart anime who was Ash’s rival for most of the series. He would be a good character to appear in remakes because, unlike most rivals in later games, Paul is not a nice person at all. Of course, neither Gladion (at first) nor Bede, but the biggest difference between Paul and pretty much every other rival is that he has absolutely no level of empathy for the Pokémon he’s breeding. If they don’t perform well in battles, he throws them away like the leftover steamed broccoli from last week. This is the optimal love-to-hate character.

Sonia of Galar

Sonia from Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokémon Seeker characters haven’t had as many roles in past games, minus giving you a starter and sending you on your right path. Sonia in Sword and Shield changed that a lot in history. The biggest irony is that his scientific grandmother isn’t even the one who gives players their pokemon. She had an interesting plot involving confusion in what she wanted her career to be that ended up being tied to the end of the main quest. Sonia was heavily involved in the history of the game as well as the DLC that followed, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see her appear in Diamond and Pearl continuing her research outside of Galar.

Kanto Green

Green kanto pokemon games

Green appeared in the Let’s Go games inside the insanely salty Mewtwo Cave as you snatched the powerful Psychic Pokémon from him. As punishment, she wants you to be her new Pokémon – no, she literally throws pokeballs at you.

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It’s a hilarious scene that does a great job of executing Green’s whimsical personality – manga readers will know she was kidnapped as a child and had a less than ideal education which helped its strange characteristics. We would love to see some part of his fun personality reappear.

Eusine the mystical man

Johto pokemon games factory

Eusine was a guy in the Pokemon Gold & Silver games after the legendary Pokemon Suicune. What was interesting about him was that he wasn’t much of a hunter or scientific researcher, he was just particularly fascinated by the ideologies surrounding this legendary trio. It would be interesting to see him appear in Sinnoh. Is he still looking for Suicune? Did he leave Johto to look for other legendary Pokémon like the Regis? Did he become a conspiracy theorist with a tin foil hat? There’s a lot to work on here when it comes to the plot. Not to mention that it could prepare future Let’s Go Johto games.

Pierre Steven

Steven Stone, Pokemon Anime

The Sinnoh Mountains would definitely attract a man like Steven who loves rocks. Steven was Hoenn’s champion until the player beat him. After that he goes on a wandering trip to the area to do some soul-searching and in the subsequent Hoenn games he pretty much retired from hardcore fights to focus on his love of geology. Players might run into him doing his latest research on Mount Coronet, and maybe even get a chance to help them out once or twice.

Hapu of Poni Island

Hapu from the sun and moon pokemon games

Hapu was one of the island’s Kahunas in the Sun and Moon games. Kahunas was the equivalent of the “Gym Chiefs” in the Alola region and the strongest trainer on every island the player faced in the Grand Trial battles after completing all the challenges on the field.

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Hapu was a character involved in the main story and she probably wouldn’t be a Kahuna forever, so don’t be surprised to eventually find her on her Mudsdale in the wild hills of Sinnohs. She can also challenge you to a battle with her types on the ground.

Galar Leon champion

Leon focuses on a battle in Pokemon Sword & Shield

People are probably fed up with seeing Leon all over the place now, but it’s possible that due to his novelty, he could make a cameo in the remakes. Leon’s players however see him as not being the champion of Galar, he would be a younger and less experienced guy probably accompanied by an equally sophomor Raihan and Sonia. It would of course only be a scenario if researcher Sonia did not appear in the game. A young Mina from the Sun & Moon games appeared at one point in the Let’s Go games, so anything is possible.

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