The first one Pokemon the games were the Red and Green Pokémon versions released for the Nintendo Game Boy in 1996. The games started in Japan, spreading like wildfire across North America soon after. Pokemon infatuation is something that may never go away. While new games like Pokémon Sword and Shield innovate in narrative and combat design, the remakes improve on nostalgic classics.

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There have been several remakes, including Fire red, leaf green, heart gold, soul silver, omega ruby ​​and alpha sapphire. If the games come out chronologically, we could see Pokémon Diamond and pearl redo soon. In the meantime, let’s see which games deserve the remake treatment.

Pokemon X and Y

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Pokemon fever occurs every time a game from the main series comes out. With Pokemon X and Y, it was no exception. Both games are critically acclaimed for their unique map layout, the introduction of mega-evolutions, and their unique interactions with NPCs. While not the first in the main series to receive a remake, bringing Pokemon X and Y to Nintendo Switch could ignite new minds.

Pokémon Stadium 2

Stage 2 coverage

The continuation of the first Pokémon Stadium came back with the ability to download Pokémon from the second generation of Pokemon (Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal). He came back with new mini-games, which was one of the highlights of the game.

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Years after its release, Pokémon Stadium 2 deserves a remake or a sequel. The idea of ​​being able to play handheld games on a television screen is appealing. Plus, making your way through the Gym Leader Castle is too memorable.

Pokémon Ranger


Even if Pokémon Ranger is a role-playing game, it follows a different format than the Pokemon main series. It is a mission-based game with ten main missions and three sub-missions. Pokémon Ranger did not have the same success as the main series, but it received generally positive reviews from critics. It takes time to adjust to your combat system, yet Pokémon Ranger successfully appeals to a younger demographic with elements of masterclass role play. The graphics are dated, but a top-to-bottom remake could be aimed at correcting its flaws.

Hi you, Pikachu!


The virtual pet game Hi you, Pikachu! accomplished what few other games have attempted. The game uses the Nintendo 64’s Voice Recognition Unit (VRU), which allows you to communicate with Pikachu using 256 words. Hi you, Pikachu! was ahead of its time, but it’s hard to ignore the ingenuity behind the game.

Interestingly enough, there was a time when Clefairy, and not Pikachu, was going to be Pokémon’s mascot. Hi you, Pikachu! might not have existed if Clefairy had taken on the role. Fortunately, Pikachu has become the mascot, and games like Hi you, Pikachu! and Detective Pikachu to exist.

Pokémon Snap


Pokémon Snap has a sequel coming to Nintendo Switch, but why stop there? The original Pokémon Snap is a gem of Nintendo 64 with gameplay unlike any other game. The Pokémon Company has remade the first generation of Pokemon twice, but they have yet to remake the lesser-known games in the series. New Pokémon Snap for Nintendo Switch will undoubtedly revive old memories. A renewed interest could lead to a Pokémon Snap remake.

Pokémon Colosseum

Pokémon Colosseum

While Pokémon Stadium 2 did not have a direct result, Pokémon Colosseum was the closest to it. This new Pokemon The game was a 3D adventure like never seen before.

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Lethargically slow battles guarded Pokémon Colosseum reach its potential. On paper, the game looked phenomenal, but the execution was lacking. Pokémon Colosseum was a bit too linear and could have included more Pokémon. A remake could fix all of these things and more.

Pokémon XD: Dark Mange

Gale of the Battle of Darkness

Yes Pokémon Colosseum deserves a remake, so too Pokémon XD: Dark Strike. The two games are very similar, except that there are more Pokémon and an easier difficulty level in Pokémon XD: Dark Strike. Pokémon XD: Dark Strike is arguably the easiest of the bunch, which might appeal to casual players. Hardcore Poké fans might not agree. That you prefer Coliseum Where Dark blow, a remake is suitable for these games.

Pokemon Black And White

Black and white

It could be a long way (if ever) that a Pokémon Black and White redo versions. This generation took the world by surprise with an immersive world, unlike other previous games. It quickly became one of the best selling games on Nintendo DS. If the Pokémon company creates Pokemon redone in chronological order, Pokémon Black and White the remakes could be sooner rather than later.

Pokémon Stadium

Cover for Pokémon Stadium

The original Pokémon Stadium proved that the console Pokemon the games work. Using a Transfer Pak, players can connect their Game Boy Pokemon game to play on television. Whether you liked the game for its mini-games, event battles, or the Gym Leader tower, there is an abundance of content to be found. A remake could improve Pokémon Stadium further away.

Pokemon Diamond And Pearl

pokemon diamond and pearl remakes let's catch

The noise has been going around for a long time Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are next Pokemon redone. This generation introduced the Team Galactic crime syndicate, a group known for their heinous acts in the Sinnoh region. It follows a traditional path where players beat the game by beating the Elite Four. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl pay homage to the originals while introducing a host of new content. As the fourth generation of the Pokemon main series, long-awaited remakes may be available soon.

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