Live Netflix Pokemon the series would arrive on the small screen. Netflix is ​​home to a variety of Pokemon content, like TV shows Pokémon: Indigo League and Pokémon Trips. Fans can also enjoy several movies such as Mewtwo strikes back, live action Detective Pikachu, and the most controversial Pokémon: I choose you.

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Some fans are excited about this brand new adaptation of the Netflix video game. The streaming service has had success in the past with game-based TV shows, such as The witcher and Castlevania. But some have pointed to the flops of the 2017 Netflix movie Death threat and the recent He-man to restart. Here are some things that would be great to see on Netflix Pokemon Series.

Large CGI

Close-up of Detective Pikachu movie

While Detective Pikachu has had its ups and downs when it comes to storytelling, the CGI has been almost universally praised by fans and critics alike. The attention to detail that the artists gave to everyone Pokemon deserved so much admiration. Fans especially liked the Charizard’s scales and the adorable ball of down that was Detective Pikachu.

Plus, Netflix is ​​no stranger to big budget productions. The streaming service conglomerate is one of the biggest names in television these days, and it has certainly paid the price. The original television series The crown had an announced budget of $ 130 million, making it the most expensive Netflix show to ever produce. Detective Pikachu the announced budget was around $ 150 million, so some Pokefans’ hopes are running high for what might be.

Old companions

A four way split screen left to right Lt Surge, Misty, Giovanni, Brock

News that Netflix is ​​creating live action Pokemon TV series are no surprise. Created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995, Pokemon has grown into the world’s largest media franchise. Fans around the world have grown up alongside an eclectic cast of characters. It would be great to see the return of fan favorites like Brock, Misty and Dawn.

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Of course, there may be licensing issues when it comes to the main characters seen in previous anime episodes. However, it would be nice to see less seen characters, like Lance or Wallace.

An old ash tree

Ash captures a Caterpie in one of the first episodes of the Pokemon anime

The world of Pokemon is incredibly dark, if people take a second to think about it. Trainers capture wild animals, keep them in cramped conditions, and only release them to watch them fight. Variety reports that Netflix said “I choose you! To Lucifer co-showrunner Joe Henderson for this project. Lucifer does not shy away from more mature themes. Joe Henderson might be the perfect choice to tackle the darker side of Pokemon.

A gritty live-action Pokemon the reboot has been a meme for years. This is because, at first glance, it seems absurd. Pokemon, deep down, is a children’s franchise after all. Corn Detective Pikachu played with the world’s darkest elements and Variety’s sources claim it is “similar to”Detective Pikachu” movie”. Could this be the project that dares to deepen these dark themes?

Quiet Pokémon

A photo of Shaymin, a green hedgehog with pink flowers in its spikes

Recent Pokemon the movies have embraced the talkative Pokémon trend, especially the talkative Legendaries. While it works in games for special Pokémon, such as your Pikachu or Eevee starter in Pokémon Let’s Go, it can be off-putting for long periods of time.

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Some movies, like Pokémon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior, use actors to bring life to Pokemon. Shaymin, an adorable Grass-type hedgehog, has a bratty personality that might not show up if he was silent. However, some films are actively injured by the excessive use of dubbing. The squeaky, moaning tone of the god of all Pokémon, Arceus, in Pokémon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life, gave the whole movie a comedic tone. If Netflix’s live action Pokemon the series adopts the ‘Speaking Pokemon’ trope, it has to be done right.

Real battles

pokemon netflix live action

While fans saw a lot of action in Detective Pikachu, there was no real coach versus coach match. For the Netflix Pokemon series, it would be great to see these iconic fights with all the energy that comes from 2D and 3D games.

It may be difficult to achieve, but Netflix has a lot of talented people who could really bring out the dynamic nature of these battles, as seen in the anime.

Gym challenges

nintendo gaming monster

In almost all Pokemon game, the gyms were at the heart of the adventure. The feeling of entering the gym for the first time with a team of Pokémon and overcoming your weaknesses to be the best is something the franchise excels at.

The Pokemon franchising is no stranger to merchandising opportunities, either. Introducing a new Gym in the Netflix Pokemon live-action series would create an opportunity to sell shiny new badges for fans to collect all of them.


For some people, Pokémon Battles just aren’t. Pokemon contests offer an underrated alternative that has all the competition, but no violence. The flashy visuals of Pokemon Contests would be perfect for the small screen.

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In the Advanced generation and Diamond & Pearl seasons of anime, the contest adventures of May and Dawn have been given the same narrative significance to the progression of Ash Ketchum’s Pokemon League. It would be great to see more contest rivalry in the Netflix Pokemon series.

A major development

Pokemon evolution in television and movies is slightly different from games. Unlike the main games, there are no hard quantitative measures when it comes to Pokemon evolution. This is mainly because there hasn’t been a lot of evidence that the concept of levels exists in the anime universe.

This means that when Pokemon evolves into the anime, that’s a big deal. Evolution is often presented as a sign of maturity and inner strength. Moments like Caterpie’s development in the Indigo League are some of the most heartbreaking moments in franchise history. Fans would love to see more moments like this on Netflix Pokemon Series.

Recognizable locations

Pokemon hopes for BDSP

The world of Pokemon has iconic locations familiar to fans, old and new.

The quiet tree-lined town of Pallet and the eerie shadows of Mount Coronet are just a few of the areas based on actual locations. It would be great to see these real-world locations become sets and transformed into their Pokémon equivalents.

Some Pokémon that don’t get love


The emblematic mascots of Pokemon, like Pikachu and Eevee, receive a lot of love. Legendaries and newbies also get a lot of screen time.

There are, of course, a lot of films that bear their name. It would be nice to see some Pokémon that don’t get a lot of love in games, such as Vanillish and Klinklang, get a share of the spotlight.

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