Fans of the Pokemon franchise are, to put it succinctly, a voracious bunch. The fan base is extremely passionate about the series and takes certain details of the games and shows much more seriously than the general public would realize.

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While the Pokemon The fan base tends to adopt a beehive mentality, ironically some Reddit users have made some bold statements that go against the norm. From the best version of Pokemon theme song at the cost of Pokémon GO articles, fans of the ever-popular series certainly have a lot to say.

Pokemon GO reasonably priced P2W items

Promotional image featuring multiple Pokémon in Pokemon Go

One of the main issues with paid items is that they often make the rest of the game a tedious task, forcing users to purchase items with real money rather than waiting for arbitrary waiting periods to end. . Pokémon GO is different.

User VoltasPistol pointed out the lack of a premium currency in the game, the ability to earn that currency without paying for it, and the lack of a game-wide cooldown in a thread. In summary, the game treats free players the same as paid players.

Pokemon World Theme Song> Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Pokemon Anime Theme Songs

The theme song “Pokemon World”, used in the second season of the series, is a song much more explosive than the original melody of the franchise. “Gotta Catch Em All” is catchy and recognizable, but Reddit user TheJamaicanGamer points out that it’s not a good song at heart.

The main problem, they point out, is that the original song is just a theme song from the Saturday morning TV show. “Pokemon World,” however, is a good replayable song in its own right – although it doesn’t quite match the childish vibe of the anime.

Fighting and PvP are the worst parts of Pokemon

The battle against red in HearGold & SoulSilver

Pokemon is known for a lot of things, but number one among all the rest has to be its turn-based combat system involving hundreds of unique fighters. It’s not the best part of the games, however, according to some.

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Worldsapart30 user commented on a thread dedicated to the unpopular Pokemon opinions to echo that sentiment. For them, games could thrive with the addition of open mechanics like farming, a good breeding system, and even an updated Poke Pelago.

There can’t be so many new Pokémon

pokemon picture

The number of pokemon in the Pokemon deductible is well above 1000 now. It’s a series spanning over 20 years, and each of the dozens of entries over the years has introduced countless new creatures into the mix.

User UmemployedNeet argues that you don’t have to rely so much on newer Pokémon for modern entries. They blamed the series’ mass production for the new Pokémon’s lack of originality and said the new content doesn’t just mean wacky new designs.

No national Pokedex is a boon to the sword and shield

Ignore Pokedex - Pokemon Things That Ruin Playthrough

The controversy over the removal of the National Pokedex for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield was huge. Fans were so used to being able to transfer old Pokémon from other games that they were suddenly unable to stir the fan base.

Reddit user MigBird, however, argues that it’s actually a good thing the game doesn’t have a national Pokedex. They pointed out that because the game is isolated from the rest, it isn’t as overwhelming for newcomers. This indeed turned out to be unpopular, as the user then edited their post to reflect on the community’s reaction.

Old sprites are better than 3D models

Pokemon sword and shield sprite recreations get 8

Classic video game sprites have stood the test of time for their design, despite the limitations of older game systems. Reddit user ThermalFlask argued that the modernized sprites and 3D models used in recent entries don’t not resist original 2D pixelated designs.

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There’s just something about the classics that makes them so hard to improve. As one of the most popular posts in the Pokemon subreddit, it seems that sentiment rings truer than expected among fans of the series.

Black and white was the pic for Pokemon

black and white pokemon and legendary pokemon titles

Pokémon Black and Pokémon White is the fifth generation of Pokemon series and are the only series entries with direct suites (Black 2 and White 2). However, the games are not highly regarded by fans.

User Cyokie_Revott noted that this was actually a highlight for the series thanks to its new additions to the formula. They specifically highlighted the games’ use of moving sprites, music, the diversity of Pokémon in the Unova region, and the main villain, N.

Pokémon contests set to make a comeback

Pokemon Journeys Blaziken Cannibalism

Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire and Pokémon Diamond and Pearl had a unique mini-game no other entry in the Pokemon the series brought back; Pokémon contests. In these contests, players submit their pokemon for review in four different categories and are graded based on their performance.

Reddit user Composinkid88 argued that they should be brought back because they, along with the wilderness, are the funniest things to do on the show and would be done justice in modern times. Pokemon Games.

Sword and shield raids are monotonous


Raids in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are special events that take place in the wilderness, scheduled about three or four days a month. User RepublicanSans argues that the Raid system is flawed because it is too difficult with processors and too easy with other players.

They also pointed out that Shiny Pokemon is way too easy to obtain via raids. There’s less wonder when you’re pretty much guaranteed to get one every day of the event, after all.

Pokemon inanimate objects help establish a sense of wonder

Vanilluxe in pokemon anime

If there is one resounding complaint with the design of modern pokemon, it’s that too many of them look like uninteresting, inanimate objects. Pokémon like Trubbish and Vanilluxe have been criticized online for being amazing – what some fans see as an odd complaint for a fantasy world of mini-monster fighting.

Users Nitasu987 and NumbuhOne have argued that including Pokémon that look like everyday objects helps create a sense of wonder in the player. Where else could you have a real trash bag as a companion, after all?

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