So you beat a region’s Pokémon champion and watched some credits, what now? Well each Pokemon the game handled the content of their post a little differently. Some offered more land to explore while others offered you more combat challenges. Often times, hardcore players will start breeding for perfect IVs, brilliant hunting, and completing their Pokédex. However, not everyone is ready for this kind of game. Some players just want more adventures and more battles. So who Pokemon game offered the best post-game content?

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Updated March 5, 2021 by Allison Stalberg: Extensions have been added to Pokémon Sword and Shield and on February 26, new Pokemon games were announced – Brilliant diamond, Shiny pearl, and Pokémon Legends: Arceus. The games are constantly developing, but fans can beat Pokemon story content pretty quickly. So what’s the best game to play while waiting for these new titles to be released? It might be a good idea to pick one based on how much post-game content they actually offer.

Red, blue and yellow

Pokémon Yellow title screen.

As beloved and nostalgic as the first Pokemon games are, they provided little in terms of post-game content. Back then, the Pokédex was small, so it could be completed faster than in other games. There were also very few Legendary Pokémon to come out of Mewtwo and the Legendary Three Birds.

Being the first titles in the hit series, the game was what it had to be. Don’t expect to have much to do after becoming a Champion.

Sun and moon

pokemon sun and moon

Although it is one of the most recent games to be released, Sun and moon lacked enough post-game content. What players could do was catch all of the Ultra Beasts, Legendaries, and there’s also Battle Tree. The fight tree was pretty cool, as players could meet Red and Blue, which are characters from past games that veterans love to see. They could also challenge familiar faces like Guzma, but that’s just a one-time deal. They can also defend your reign as a champion, but only if they beat the elite coaches again.

X and Y

pokemon x and y route 3

After players beat Kalos’ Champion, Detective Looker’s side quest is pretty cool and a bit longer than most post-game quests. They also have access to Kiloude City where you can try out the Battle House and do the Friend Safari. Note that the Friend Safari is known to be one of the best places to strategize to get a Shiny Pokemon!

While this post-game content is entertaining, it doesn’t really unlock much in terms of new areas.

FireRed And Leaf Green

pokemon charizard and bulbasaur fired leafgreen

Acting as remakes for the original Kanto region games, Fire Red and Leaf Green ended with you beating Champion who was also the player’s rival. Once you complete the credits, there are plenty of new lands open for exploration. These locations include One Island, Four Island, Five Island, Six Island, Seven Island, and the Cerulean Caves. Note that players must have data on at least 60 Pokémon before accessing new locations. Once they have that data head over to Professor Oak and then the content will be unlocked.

Black and white

pokemon tepig snivy oshuwatt

Black and white was very popular for its introduction to N and for Pokemon favorites like Zoroark, Chandelure, etc. Once the players defeated the champion, there were a few goodies to be discovered. For example, they could enter the Challengers Cave which contained Pokémon from other regions that they could catch.

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There was also the White Forest and the Black City where they could fight NPCs and buy rare items. Players could also explore three new routes, play Pokemon musicals, defeat the Seven Sages of Plasma, and go head-to-head in the Battle Metro. It’s a decent amount of gameplay.

Diamond And Pearl

Legendary Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

At this point, completing the National Pokédex was a big deal as there were over 400 Pokémon. There were also plenty of Legendaries to catch like Arceus, Giratina, Heatran, Cresselia, Darkrai, Shaymin and others. On top of that, there was the Battle Tower and collectibles such as Secret Base Items, Poketech Apps, and Ribbon Society Ribbons.

Hardcore players could also try to upgrade their Trainer Card to black which required the player to become Champion, complete a Master Rank Super Contest, achieve 100 Battle Tower wins, complete the National Pokédex and to play underground to capture the flag.

Ruby And Sapphire

Legendary Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.

The third generation of games offered a lot of post-game content through its Battle Tower, Trick House, contests, and 202 Pokémon in the Pokédex. Players could even try to get the Gold Trainer Card, which required defeating the Elite Four, winning all of the Master Rank contests, completing the Battle Tower 50 Trainers challenge, and completing the Pokédex.

In terms of post-game content, it was aimed at more hardcore gamers who wanted to be challenged.

Omega ruby ​​and alpha sapphire

pokemon alpha sapphire omega ruby

The Battle Resort is unlocked once players have defeated the champion of this Ruby and sapphire remake. There are also daily Mirage Points that appear throughout the region where Legendary Pokémon can be caught. There are also secret bases that players can visit. Players can also test themselves at the Battle Institute and board the SS Tidal. If they haven’t already, they can also complete all Trick House rooms and enter the contests.

Make sure you do the Delta episode as well. The story of the game isn’t exactly over the first time you see the credits roll.

Sword and shield

pokemon sword and shield road 1

Initially, Sword and shield weren’t great in the post-game content department. However, extensions have come out. It was something that was never done in Pokemon games before, and it has done wonders for post-game activities. Two extensions have been released, including Crown tundra and the Isle of Armor. Both introduced new areas, new Pokémon, and new activities for the player.

Once the story parts of these expansions were beaten, the post-post-game content was still a bit lacking compared to other titles.


emerald pokemon

As Platinum, emerald was made some time after the release of its sibling games. There was more bonus content, and a lot of players spent many hours on it. They had the battle tower, battle dome, battle arena, and battle pike on the battle frontier. There is also the Safari Zone, which is upgraded after completing the game.

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Contests are also something that can be very time consuming if you haven’t completed them already.


pokemon platinum

Platinum had a little more to offer than Diamond and Pearl, so this one has its own separate entrance, although they have a lot in common. This game had the Battle Zone, which included the Battle Frontier, a resort area, a survival zone, and a bunch of new routes. It’s a big place compared to the space that Omega Ruby and Alpha Sahppire’s Battle Resort encompassed. There is also a decent amount of Legendaries that you find and catch.

black and white 2

black and white pokemon 2

Black and white 2 was Black and white but with even more content. Players got the Battle Institute, World Tournaments, Subway Lines, White Forest, Black City, Final Battle with their Rival, Final Battle with Colress, Funfest Missions, N Castle, Nature Reserve , upgrading your trainer card and more. In fact, it can be a bit overwhelming once players know what else they can do.

Gold, silver and crystal

Basket Crystal with Senecret

Some Pokemon what did the games do Gold Silver, and Crystal did by letting players explore an entirely different region after exploring theirs. It’s like two games in one. Once again, players can battle arena bosses, explore towns, work on their Pokédex, and battle Team Rocket. The icing on the cake is Mount Silver, where players can battle Red from the first game series.

No game has ever been hardcore except one.

Heartgold And SoulSilver

heartgold and soulsilver pokemon

The only game that went beyond Gold, silver and crystal, is its remake. Not only did the player explore Kanto and fight Red on Mount Silver yet, but they also had Battle Frontier, Gym Leader, Rematches, and all with the pleasure of having the player’s favorite Pokémon following them. Not only that, but the Pokédex remake takes a lot longer to complete than the original.

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