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The future of Pokémon VR games

[ad_1] Over the past twenty years, Pokemon games have grown and improved several times since their initial release on Game Boy. As technology has evolved, the experience of playing Pokemon has also improved. The franchise has even grown to include fun twists on games outside of its main series. Players now have access to Pocket […]

Digimon Survive goes beyond most Pokemon...

[ad_1] Digimon and Pokemon have each explored dark times in the past, but Digimon SurviveThe emphasis on obscurity will be a first for either franchise. The long-awaited title follows a group of teenagers who fight for their lives to escape the digital world. Death and danger are dominant themes in Digimon Survive, which presented its […]

The 10 highest-grossing Pokémon movies o

[ad_1] Pokemon has been in the life of fans everywhere in just about every format. From tabletop collectible card games and console games to shows, there are many formats the franchise can be enjoyed in, depending on your mood. Related: 10 Times Ash Ketchum Was The Real Villain In Pokemon Anime The franchise has released […]

10 reasons HeartGold and SoulSilver are ...

[ad_1] Pokemon Gold & Silver is often a fan favorite generation of Pokemon games. Generation II is nothing but the perfect sequel to the Red & Blue games that came before it, delivering one of the greatest amounts of content we’ve ever seen in a Pokemon title alongside its time. being arguably the most ambitious […]

Top 5 Pokemon Games of All Time

Pokemon games have been around for decades now, and while there may have been an abundance of them that have been released, some have certainly been more popular with fans of the franchise than others. In the world of Pokemon video games, gamers generally think the main series games are the best. However, there have […]

3 Most Hated Pokemon Games of All Time

For the most part, Pokemon games are an absolute hit with fans of the franchise, however, not all have been as well received as others. Considering Pokemon’s time, as well as all the games released thus far, there were bound to be a few that fans just didn’t like as much as the others. Here […]

10 Pokemon games that still need to be p...

[ad_1] 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of Pokemon and Nintendo has already unveiled many upcoming projects. The highly anticipated remakes of the main games of the fourth generation, Brilliant diamond and Shiny pearl have been officially announced and will be released later this year. A sequel to Pokémon Snap, called New Pokémon Snap, will be […]