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How Victory Road Evolved In All Pokemon ...

[ad_1] On a Pokemon journey, after working hard to collect all eight Gym Badges and defeating the Evil Team Plot, only one obstacle stands between the player and the Pokémon League: Victory Road. Packed with the toughest trainers and the coolest wild Pokémon, this usually twisty road gives players a chance to level up their […]

Two new ‘Pokemon’ games challenge fans t

TUCSON, Ariz. — The evil marketing genius behind the main “Pokemon” games is that they always come in pairs. Play one, and you’ll be reminded that you’re missing key Pokemon from the other. This is the case in Nintendo’s new duo: “Pokemon Brilliant Diamond” and “Pokemon Shining Pearl”, which are pretty much the same game, […]

Everything We Know About Netflix’s Pokém

[ad_1] When you think of Pokémon, you think of your childhood! It shows that most Millennials and Gen-Zs who grew up watching grow up with us. Pokemon is ready to have a live action series on Netflix! It’s very exciting for all longtime viewers of the show, especially those who have followed it since its […]

Pokemon Sword and Shield are the perfect...

[ad_1] Last year has been quite a year for Nintendo and The Pokemon Company, with the Pokemon franchise celebrating its 25th anniversary since the first games were released in 1996. Along with the big anniversary, a lot has happened to Pokemon, with the release of the games New Pokémon Snap and Pokemon unite, and Shiny […]

New Pokemon games have already leaked on...

[ad_1] With the availability of pirated copies, “Pokemon Brilliant Diamond” and “Shining Pearl” are now in the hands of players who wish to share their experiences with others. At least 8 players stream the games to hundreds of viewers on Twitch. Meanwhile, outside of Twitch, Twitter users have shared a wealth of information about the […]

Detective Pikachu’s Battle of Charizard

[ad_1] The rule of Pokémon battles. Unfortunately, in games they are mostly zero. I’m sure you remember an epic battle, maybe with Cynthia or someone else, that was really really fantastic. I hate to tell you, but no, it wasn’t. You watched the anime enough to think it was epic, because you were able to […]