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By release date and calendar

POKEMON has been a favorite with players around the world for almost 25 years. As fans of the Pokemon game series prepare for the next launch, here are all of the previous games in order. 1 New Pokemon Legends Arceus Releases January 2022Credit: Pokémon Pokemon games release date order The first Pokemon game was released […]

Forgotten Pokémon Games

Pokemon is one of the most famous video game franchises in the world. Players around the world have caught, trained, and fought with Pokemon since the first generation of Pokemon games came out in 1996, and they only got bigger thanks to anime and movies. RELATED: The Best Pokemon Spin-Offs (Ranked By Metacritic) Pokemon is […]

Shigeru Omori wants to make Pokemon game...

Game Freak posted a new post on its recruiting site where it inspires people to work with the company and get involved in the future of the Pokemon series. One of the people involved in the feature film is Shigeru Omori, who is the director of the ever popular Pokemon Sword and Shield. He mentioned […]