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At what level does Pikachu evolve in the...

As the mascot of Pokemon franchise, Pikachu is a popular character who makes a constant appearance in various Pokemon games, shows, movies and toys. This iconic yellow mouse-like Pokemon is probably the franchise’s most famous creature. I’m sure even people unfamiliar with the pocket monster must have seen the yellow furball somewhere before. However, one […]

Pokemon Fan Imagines Early Pokemon Movie...

Pokemon: The First Movie and Pokemon 2,000 are adapted as first handheld games with unique fan art imagining important scenes in Game Boy graphics. The Pokemon Company dove into the film industry with the first Pokemon film that focused on Mew and Mewtwo in 1999, and several sequels have been released since. A fan who […]

Elden Ring Deep Dive, new Pokemon games

The past few weeks have been filled with major world events, new games, and more. All the noise makes it difficult to sit down and enjoy the games, especially as conflicts heat up around the world. With that in mind, sit back and enjoy Game Rant Arcade’s longest episode to date. The first standing Pokemon […]