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Logan Paul explains why he’s sticking wi

There’s no doubt that Logan Paul is a Pokémon enthusiast, and he explains why the franchise’s first generation holds a special place in his heart. Whether the general public knows Logan Paul for his social media presence, his brief boxing career, or his insatiable love for attention, one thing that is synonymous with his name […]

Rock Tunnel Proves They Don’t Make Pokem

Oh, how I love a good Pokémon cave. I’ve written before about my distaste for modern Pokemon caves, what were once labyrinthine passageways of shadow and wonder are now just roads, but with a bit of rock above. Modern Pokemon caves are like Santa’s cave – you go in, get a present (a Zubat, thanks […]

The best generational mechanics of the P...

Since its inception, the Pokemon series has followed a generational formula, with new generations arriving every few years. Each new generation brings a host of new Pokémon, as well as adding various features and mechanics to the games. Related: Pokemon: Every Sinnoh Crossgen Evolution, Ranked From early Generation One, through to modern Generation Eight Pokémon, […]

The Original Pokemon Games Had Almost No...

According to Pokemon producer Shigeki Morimoto, the original entries in the series almost left out multiplayer battles. This news comes from a 1996 Japanese Pokedex book, which was recently translated by Did you know ?. Morimoto mentioned that he thought multiplayer battles “would be a pain to program”. Also, Game Freak was running out of […]

60 million units of Pokemon games were s...

Recently, it was reported that The Pokemon Company had its best-ever financial year in fiscal 2021-22, with its net profit for the period of $332 million up 123% from last year. ‘Previous exercice. Now, the company itself has provided more details on the tracking period, revealing more impressive numbers. As reported by SerebiiThe Pokemon Company […]

The highest rated Pokemon games in 2022

Buying guide: Finding your next Pokémon game The Pokemon franchise has been a key player in the video game industry since the late 90s. But, with a library of over 120 games built over the past two decades and more games coming out every year, picking a game Pokemon to play can be a daunting […]

Pond Inlet artist creates Pokémon charac

By David Venn, Local Journalism Initiative reporter A Pond Inlet artist has created characters inspired by a popular animated series, its community, and Inuit legends and culture. Jamesie Itulu, 27, has developed Pokémon-like characters that depict ringed seals, the sea goddess Sedna, shamans, face tattoos, and many […]