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The most replayable Pokémon games

Pokemon has been growing for over twenty-six years with a variety of hit games that gamers have enjoyed exploring on various platforms. While waiting for a new title to be released by Game Freak, players are likely to go back to older base games in hopes of reliving them again. RELATED: Strongest Pokemon in X […]

Best Pokemon Series Watch Order

Pokemon is one of the few franchises in the world capable of bridging the generational divide and appealing to future kids beyond Millennials who initially hooked up in the 1990s. The games already have a huge player base, but even for non-gamers, there’s a huge casual anime following, which has been active since 1997. We’ve […]

Pokemon games based on Creepypastas

Over the years, Pokemon Creepypastas have become an incredibly popular subgenre of scary stories on the internet. These urban legends have sparked several scary stories that have inspired gamers everywhere to timidly grab their old copies of the games and see if their old pixel partners are the same happy creatures they once knew. While […]

Pokemon characters who wear the least pr...

In the world of Pokemon, fashion is almost as important as strength. Over the years, many uniquely designed characters have appeared in multiple games and generations. Often these characters dress in a way that echoes the Pokémon they have chosen to battle, such as region-specific Gym Leaders. RELATED: The Perfect Pokémon Partner For Every Main […]

New POKEMON series for fans of the tradi...

The Pokémon Company International, the organization responsible for managing the Pokémon brand outside of Asia, announced TODAY the initial development of a new unscripted series involving the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) and the opening a cast for fans of all ages and interests in the best-selling TCG. Casting for the series will be geared […]

Why Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver are...

It’s hard to remember a time when a Pokemon product release wasn’t an immediate success. 2010, however, was a much different time for the franchise. The heights he had seen during the peak of Pokemania in the late 90s and early 2000s were just a melancholic memory at this point. Trading Cards had seen sales […]