Pokémon Black” and “White“were the franchise’s first games based on a location other than Japan. Unova used New York as inspiration, though the Pokémon themselves functioned the same way they always did. Unlike previous titles, “Black” and “White” exclusively featured completely new Pokemon – no Pidgeys, Magikarp, or any old ‘mons in the wild.

“Black” and “White” particularly stood out to fans due to their morally gray history. This time, the bad guys weren’t just criminal organizations and environmental terrorists. In fact, the villains were sort of right. Team Plasma and its leader, N, wanted to free Pokémon from humans. No more fighting, imprisonment or crude slavery practices. However, N learns along the way that trainers’ relationships with their Pokémon aren’t that one-sided. Many fans still regard him as one of the best written villains in the series.

Pokemon Black and White 2″, the game’s sequels, continued the story of Team Plasma and brought N back. is extended over the narrative.

  • Release date: March 6, 2011
  • Available on: Nintendo DS
  • Genre: RPG
  • Game modes: single player, multiplayer
  • Metacritical score: 87 (Noir), 87 (White)