It’s quite amusing to consider that the only video game franchise that can compete with countless successful cross-platform franchises like GTA and COD is none other than Pokemon, a series exclusive to one platform, Nintendo. The cultural phenomenon is still alive since its inception of the Game Boy in the late 90s. Associated with the iconic anime and manga, the series has since captured the hearts of fans around the world, children and adults alike.

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With the upcoming 9th generation of new tamed monsters featuring Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, a trip down memory lane is necessary to relive the franchise’s legacy, especially for newcomers who want to find out what it’s all about before diving into the next Nintendo. Switch games. This article will look at the top 5 games from Nintendo’s most popular IP.

These are the 5 best Pokemon games so far for fans

5) Pokémon Platinum

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The 4th generation Diamond & Pearl installments for the Nintendo DS made solid improvements over previous entries. Released in 2008 for the Nintendo DS, Platinum is the standard third edition that usually follows the duology releases. Set in the Sinnoh region, it enhances the Diamond/Platinum storyline about the protagonist taking on the villainous Team Galactic.

Fortunately, the standard gameplay of traveling the world, making new friends and enemies, and catching various monsters is retained. However, this entry is the first to include the physical/special move split, adding more depth to the turn-based combat system. It also introduces Distortion World, a new level with new puzzle mechanics. It also revolves around the game’s mascot, the Ghost/Dragon-type Giratina. While Diamond/Pearl remakes on the Nintendo Switch are a thing, they don’t offer the balance tweaks that Platinum does, plus the chibi visuals and watered down writing/decor pieces may not be the cup of tea. everyone’s tea.

4) Pokemon Black/White & Black 2/White 2

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The Nintendo DS Black/White and Black 2/White 2 are often considered among the best in the series and it’s hard not to see why, as they introduced many new elements and changes that would soon become staples. from the Serie. Two games in the same place can be considered cheating, but it’s hard to recommend one or the other since Black 2/White 2 is a sequel. That’s right, in a first for the series, the new games were more than just improved ports.

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Another first is the surprisingly deep and mature storyline. Taking place across both games, featuring antagonists Team Plasma and beloved character N, it questions the morality of keeping Pokemon as pets for sport. The gyms, challenge areas where the player faces trainers and his Leader to win a badge, are more dynamic with 3D decorations and puzzles. It also introduces reusable TMs (moves that can be taught to your party) as well as triple and rotational battles. Additionally, Black 2/White 2 improves the graphics with more detailed seasons and even more monsters to catch. If you have to choose one, go for the suites.

3) Pokémon Legends: Arceus

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Released last year on Nintendo Switch, Legends: Arceus is the black sheep of this list. This is an open-world adventure set long before the Sinnoh region was created. Called the Hisui region, the player who is sent back in time must investigate certain Pokémon that go crazy. Gameplay-wise, it’s almost a reimagining of the traditional concept that fans have come to know and love.

Alpha Pokémon are unleashed in the Hisui region! Dodge their powerful attacks and, if you’re brave enough, engage them in battle with your Pokémon team!#PokemonLegendsArceus

Players explore the ancient Japanese-inspired setting of the area and play an important role in catching wild monsters. These creatures appear as wandering creatures in the wild that have different behaviors. Players must be stealthy and sneak through bushes and throw Pokeballs to catch them. If the player is attacked, they can dodge and, if things get really sticky, fight. While the gameplay is once again turn-based, it introduces the style system to speed up the pace of battles. While the game was controversial for its bland visuals, the new take on the formula makes it one of the must-play games so far.

2) Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

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Emerald from 2004 is one of the most acclaimed games on Game Boy Advance. Eventual remakes of the original two games (Ruby and Sapphire) were predictable, and they’ve come to the Nintendo 3DS. Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire used the X&Y Engine to bring the world of Hoenn to life in 3D. Fans will take out Team Flare/Aqua again and seek out Kyogre/Groudon.

It is a 1:1 recreation of the classic games from 2002 and retains the same charm as it did back then. There were also expected additions like Pokemon Amie and Mega Evolution as well as new ones such as improved secret bases, DexNav (to complete the player’s monster hunting experience), open world flight and tons of legendary Pokemon to find. All of this makes OR/AS a slightly better experience than Emerald, despite omitting key features like the iconic Battle Frontier.

1) Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver

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Originally released on Game Boy Color, the second generation games are arguably the best of them all. After Gold and Silver, Crystal arrived as the third entry and made it even better. While the GBC releases are great for nostalgic reasons, the DS remakes are the definitive versions of the games. Players traverse the nostalgic regions of Johto and Kanto with their creatures behind them as they relive moments that made the originals iconic.

Add new scenery, puzzle additions, more Mons, and expanded maps across two full regions, and it’s an experience no Pokemon fan should miss. It’s true that many of the quality of life improvements that future entries bring cannot be found here. However, the sheer variety along with the amount of quality content and the pacing make it a satisfying journey from start to finish. These aren’t just the best Pokemon remakes to date, but they’re also the best Pokemon games to date.

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