The popular online platform Roblox has hundreds of games featured, all with their own differences that play in different art styles, mechanics, and genres. Thanks to the imaginative community, any player can find a game to their liking on Roblox.

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Players who are big fans of Pokemon will be happy to hear that there is a wide range of Pokemon games on Roblox. These different Pokemon games will vary in style, subgenre, and even generations of Pokémon featured. With this gap, they should be well suited for all Pokemon Fans. It’s important to remember that Nintendo has had copyright issues with Roblox Pokemon games, so a lot of them are basically makeovers Pokemon games or slyly circumvent copyright by changing the game name and featured image.

Still image of a dragon from the game Roblox Legends of Space.

Legends of Space is a Pokemon game without mentioning the name of it in the title, with a wave dragon-type Pokémon in the thumbnail to get rid of the scent. When players enter the game, they will see that there are multiple generations of Pokémon with the same design and creature name.

Players can compete against each other, search for Pokémon to try and collect them all, and battle turn-based Gyms that are lifted directly from the main Pokemon series. This game is one of the most popular Pokemon games currently available on Roblox without any sign of disassembly.

Pokemon Brick Bronze: Return with Cross-Save

Still image from the game Roblox Pokemon Brick Bronze.

Pokemon Brick Bronze has long been loved by fans. The most popular Pokémon Roblox game, this was the main game hit by Nintendo’s copyright shutdown. However, it is returned with a cross-save, which means that whenever the game is (inevitably) deleted, it should come back with the user data intact.

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This is a type situation your mileage may vary, never assume this is a guarantee that there will be no complications with returning the game or that user data will be guaranteed in security. As it stands, the game is here to stay, with 8 Gyms, 1,100 Pokémon (including strong Mythic Pokémon) to catch, and PVP enabled for players to fight against each other.

Project Polaro: Sneaky Pokémon Game

Still image of Pikachu and Eevee from the game Roblox Project Polaro.

The Polaro project appears to have escaped the ban on Roblox and still features multiple generations of Pokémon, mostly including non-legendary Pokémon and Pokémon towns in the game with the exact same names. Players roam the various cities such as Viridian City and hunt Pokémon in the tall grass.

It features trainer fights, gyms to beat, and unlock badges for a Pokedex where the goal is to complete it by catching all available Pokémon. Players should be aware that at some point it may need to be renamed or simply removed, but this is unlikely to affect player progress.

Bloxymon: Become the best trainer

Still image of Bloxymons from the game Roblox Bloxymon.

Bloxymon is an RPG where players catch Bloxymon, level them up, and evolve them to catch them all. There is an important map to explore, quests to complete, and a PVP where players can all fight against each other in search of the best trainer.

While Bloxymon is going in its own direction, this is essentially a Pokemon game with some original features that keep much of the familiar Pokemon Fans of tropes love it. Main fans Pokemon series will feel right at home with this game and pick it up in minutes. Due to its originality in terms of creatures and map design, players don’t have to worry about removing it from the game.

Project: Pokemon: It Doesn’t Happen So Easy

Photo of a Pewter City sign and a house near the Roblox: Pokemon game project.

Project: Pokemon has been around for a few years, and despite by Roblox Continuing bans the game comes back repeatedly, with data transferred to the new game for all players. Equipped with a turn-based system lifted directly from the official Pokemon games, gamers will feel right at home with it.

Graphics are nicely polished with a sleek user interface that makes it easy to navigate and track Pokedex entries. It features multiple generations of Pokémon, which helps it appeal to a wide range of Pokemon fans, and its enduring fan base ensures the game isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Monsters of Etheria: Pokemon Fighters EX reinvented

Still image of various Etherians from the Roblox Monsters of Etheria game.

Monsters of Etheria is a Pokemon game in everything except the name. Previously known as Pokemon Fighters EX, Monsters of Etheria is a remade version that was created in response to Roblox removing all Pokémon Roblox games due to copyright issues raised by Nintendo.

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Players travel around the Alchas region collecting various Etherians; cute creatures which have different types like Rock, Fighting, Grass etc. which are obviously very similar to Pokemon types. Players can try to evolve their Etherians, collect all the different types available, and take on Gyms for bragging rights. Monsters of Etheria is essentially a Pokemon re-skin.

Loomian Legacy: Pokémon reimagined

Still image of various Loomians from the Roblox Loomian Legacy game.

Although Loomian Legacy is not technically a Pokemon game, it is the natural successor of Pokemon Brick Bronze which has been removed several times from Roblox due to copyright. It is easy for gamers to view this game as a Pokemon re-skin, which is slowly going in its own direction.

Loomian Legacy features creatures that the player encounters in the wild which can then be captured with the goal of catching all the different types similar to Pokemon. Loomians are even cuter than the cutest Pokémon. While it may not have the name Pokemon, nor the Pokemons actually featured, it is a natural successor to the more popular one. Pokémon Roblox game of all time.

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