Very well Pokemon fans, Netflix is ​​about to rock our world. According to Variety, the streamer lit live action green Pokemon series!

If you think it will be similar to Detective Pikachu in style, then you’d be right. As for tone and story, it’s still silent. All we know is Lucifer co-showrunner and executive producer Joe Henderson is attached to the project.

Henderson will write for the show as well as executive produce, making it Pokemon series the creator’s second show set to arrive on Netflix. The other is shadya teen horror show based on the comic book series he developed with artist Lee Garbett.

As we don’t know the live-action Pokemon the show’s plot, it’s unclear if Henderson’s take will be centered around the world itself or if fans can expect to finally see live-action Ash or Red.

If we do, there’s also the question of whether we’ll start from the beginning of their stories or embark on a whole new adventure. And, of course, will Pikachu be there? We have so many questions, I hope we will have answers soon.

Here’s when we got to see the series arrive on Netflix.

Netflix Pokemon Series Release Date Predictions

Currently, the live action Pokemon The series is in the early stages of development, so we can confidently say that we won’t be seeing the show in 2021. However, a late 2022 release could be on the cards if that train starts soon. It all depends on the length of production, special effects and CGI to consider.

We think the earliest we could see the show is December 2022 as Netflix’s holiday season offering on the platform. Otherwise, we’re aiming for a 2023 premiere for the series.

We will keep you updated with news regarding the live action Pokemon series as it comes.