A live-action Pokemon project from Lucifer’s Joe Henderson is said to be in the early stages

Get ready for some more surprisingly meaty views that can’t be unseen – there’s potentially more live Pokémon on the way, this time from Netflix.

According to a report from Variety, a live-action Pokemon series is in the works on Netflix starring Joe Henderson (Lucifer) on deck as a writer and executive producer. It could work!

The project is “in its early stages,” with no plot details leaked yet. As Variety puts it, sources say the Netflix show “would be a live-action series similar to the Detective Pikachu movie starring Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith which came out in 2019.”

It’s a very gaming-friendly time at Netflix, with new show announcements popping up left and right, not to mention literal video games. Pokemon is more popular than ever, and Detective Pikachu helped pave the way for more live media. It’s easy to see how something like this would get the green light. That said, what scope are we talking about?

I think a lot of us would be open to this series conceptually, it just comes down to the budget and the VFX schedule, really. We have certain expectations of what Pokemon Live should look like technically. The story and the characters, though? Run wild with it. Do your own imaginative stuff (as much as The Pokemon Company lets you, anyway).

While we’re talking about Detective Pikachu, it’s a shame we seemingly won’t get a sequel anytime soon, if ever – though that does leave a window of opportunity for Netflix’s series to stand out more. The movie was better than expected, especially as a debut effort. Hopefully this series, if and when it finally comes to fruition, will carry the CG torch well.

I just have a request for the creators: please don’t bring Probopass into our reality. I won’t be able to cope.

Jordan Devore

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