The Pokemon Anime has been growing alongside popular games since soon after the first titles were released in 1996, and games and anime continue in tandem today. A Pokemon fan noted that Ash Ketchum’s long period of exclusion from Pokemon video games is coming to an end with her debut as a character model in Pokemon Masters EX.

Ash Ketchum was the protagonist of the Pokemon anime and films since the first episode aired in 1997, and he remains the main character of the ongoing series Pokemon Journeys. The Pokemon hero has undergone several changes over the years, but despite all these adjustments, he was exempt from Pokemon non-title games that depicted the character as an image rather than a character model. It was with the N64 Pokemon Puzzle League released in 2000, which used Pokemon anime art to reflect Ash Ketchum, but Pokemon Master EX will be the first to use an official character model.


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Twitter user Akilvers was one of the first to notice that the addition of character model Ash Ketchum in Pokemon Masters EX ends the Pokemon the main character’s long record of not appearing in Pokemon Games. The first one Pokemon titles focused on Pokemon coach named Red, who became one of the last challenges of Pokémon Gold and Silver, but Ash Ketchum has never been a major or even a secondary character in any of the titles in the series. Akilvers noted that this means Ash Ketchum won’t be an “easter egg, clue, or letter” like it has been in other Pokemon games like Pokemon X and Y Where pokemon sun and moon.

Pokemon Masters EX players can have Pokemon character Ash Ketchum will join their battles as a Sync Pair, and he’ll have Pokemon that will be familiar to fans of the anime. Ash Ketchum was introduced to Pokemon Masters EX by multiversal methods similar to how Sinnoh was drastically changed in the Hisui region in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and he joins the likes of other Sync Pair heroes like Dawn, Ethan, Hilbert, and more. It’s unclear just how much of a major role Ash Ketchum will play in Pokemon Masters EXbut given that it will act as a sync pair, it is likely that Pokemon fans will only see him fight other trainers in the anime.

Although pokemon yellow and Pokémon Let’s Go Pickachu and Eevee The Switch games follow a similar story to the one that unfolds at the start Pokemon anime seasons, these games also neglect to focus on Ash Ketchum. A Pokemon a fan responding to Akilvers noted that Team Rocket’s Jessie and James received well Pokemon video game character models about 24 years before Ash Ketchum, highlighting how Pokemon the games came out without the Pokemon anime protagonist included. While it has been decades since the Pokemon anime debuted, many Pokemon Masters EX fans expressed surprise at his addition to the game’s roster, with one speculating that Ash would be replaced as the leader Pokemon anime character in the future.

Pokemon Masters EX is available on Android and iOS devices.

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