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The five best Pokémon movies of all time

If you look at Pokemon from an adult perspective, you might find it a bit disturbing largely because the trainers catch the different creatures that make up the game and make them fight for the sport. But if you’re a kid, that seems perfectly normal because it’s fun, colorful, and no one ever seems to […]

Pokemon movies in review: Mewtwo strikes...

Welcome to the first installment of Pokemon Movies in Review, a weekly recap of the entire Pokemon Cinematic Universe. This week, we’re taking a look at Pokemon: The First Movie – Mewtwo Strikes Back, which is, believe it or not, still the longest running title in any Pokemon movie. ’90s kids will have fond memories […]

The 10 highest-grossing Pokémon movies o

Pokemon has been in the life of fans everywhere in just about every format. From tabletop collectible card games and console games to shows, there are many formats the franchise can be enjoyed in, depending on your mood. Related: 10 Times Ash Ketchum Was The Real Villain In Pokemon Anime The franchise has released numerous […]

Japanese poll asks what are people’s fav

The Pokemon Company has launched a poll asking Japanese fans to vote for their favorite Pokemon movies. The survey includes 19 films, Pokemon the first movie: Mewtwo strikes back To Pokemon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Wonder. People can vote for their favorite Pokémon movies until 11:59 p.m. JST on February 4, 2021. The […]

6 New Pokemon Movies Added To Pokemon TV...

A lot of coaches suddenly found themselves with a lot more time. The Pokemon Company recognized this and created various free Pokemon anime episodes and movies to watch online. There are hours of action to watch. Whether you’re reliving episodes from your childhood or watching them for the first time, you can go back to […]

Where are the Pokemon movies going after...

Detective Pikachu leaves the door open for other films set in the Pokemon Universe, including prequels and potential sequels. WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Detective Pikachu, currently in theaters. Yes Detective Pikachu does anything, it’s a fantastic sense of world building. Its primary setting, Ryme City, is an inhabited and accessible refuge for […]

Ranking the six best Pokemon movies

Since the beginning of the Pokemon anime almost 20 years ago, the Pokemon Company released a new Pokemon movie every year, usually starring Ash and one or more Legendary and / or Mythical Pokemon. Films have a loose fit in the Pokemon canon from the anime, as they are hardly ever mentioned in the series. […]

Pokemon Movies & TV Shows Coming To Netf

What do Walter White, Frank Underwood and Pikachu have in common? Soon you will be able to watch all three via Netflix Instant streaming. The Pokémon Company announced today that hours of Pokémon movies and TV shows will be available to stream on Netflix starting this Saturday, March 1. Here’s a breakdown of the Pokemon […]