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The rarest items in the Pokemon series

The articles were part of the Pokemon series from the beginning, with evolutionary stones being necessary for certain Pokémon to evolve from the first generation. In Gen 2, items played an even bigger role, as they could now be held by Pokemon to give them advantages in battle. Related: Pokemon: The Best Items For Fighting […]

Funko Pop Pokemon Series 10 Pre-Orders: ...

Each product has been independently selected by our editorial team. We may receive commissions from certain product links on this page. Promotions are subject to availability and retailer terms. Today is the last day of Funko Fair 2022, and they’ve saved some of the best releases for last. That’s definitely true if you’ve collected Pokemon […]

Forget Detective Pikachu 2, We Need A Po...

These days, you can hardly travel for video game adaptations. All of The last of us at Unexplored, Halo at Ghost of Tsushima leave console and PC for a new medium. While we were once confined to abyssal outings like the one led by Dwayne Johnson Loss and 2003 house of death (which has 3% […]

Volcanion and the Mechanical Wonder perf...

Welcome to Pokemon Movies in Review, a weekly recap of the entire Pokemon Cinematic Universe. This week we revisit Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel of 2016, the 20th movie in the series, the last Gen X & Y movie, and the final entry before the series reboot in an alternate continuity with Pokemon the Movie: […]

Pokemon Series Antagonistic Teams Ranked...

Each Pokémon has an antagonistic team. It is a fact of life. As sure as all the moms in the game are so desperate to get you out of their homes that they actually give you running shoes. As sure as Professor Oak will always ask you for your pronouns. As sure as your protagonist […]

Everything We Know About Netflix’s Pokém

When you think of Pokémon, you think of your childhood! It shows that most Millennials and Gen-Zs who grew up watching grow up with us. Pokemon is ready to have a live action series on Netflix! It’s very exciting for all longtime viewers of the show, especially those who have followed it since its very […]

A live-action Pokémon series could be co

Some might say that creating a live-action Pokemon series might be a knee-jerk reaction to the fact that Detective Pikachu didn’t bomb, but others would probably applaud HBO Max for trying to bring this to the fore. in a way that would be seen as a sign of the times. The anime series has long […]

Most iconic places in the Pokemon series

It is extremely difficult to find the most iconic Pokémon locations in the 122 games that have been introduced on game consoles around the world. Nonetheless, there are a few that will remain on any player’s mind as being truly iconic. RELATED: Underrated Competitive Pokémon No matter if they brought joy, beauty, history or frustration […]

Pokemon Series Should Keep Pokemon Legen...

It’s not every day that the Pokemon the franchise breaks with its own formula. On the contrary, Pokemon the games cling to a lot of traditional approaches to combat, intrigue, and new game mechanics. Pokémon Legends: Arceus so exciting. In a franchise so obsessed with its own conventions, Pokémon Legends: Arceus is a breath of […]

10 things we want to see in Netflix’s Po

Live Netflix Pokemon the series would arrive on the small screen. Netflix is ​​home to a variety of Pokemon content, like TV shows Pokémon: Indigo League and Pokémon Trips. Fans can also enjoy several movies such as Mewtwo strikes back, live action Detective Pikachu, and the most controversial Pokémon: I choose you. RELATED: Lessons Netflix’s […]

Is Netflix’s Live-Action Pokémon Series

Detective Pikachu was a breakthrough for the Pokemon franchise, where he featured live-action pocket monsters to deal with. Now Netflix is ​​developing live-action Pokemon series, but will it follow the lead of the 2019 film? Aside from the part Ryan Reynolds-directed comedy, part nostalgia fest, there was only one live-action short that appeared before Detective […]

Netflix would make a live-action Pokémon

Netflix is ​​reportedly working on a new Pokémon series, with Lucifer’s Joe Henderson at the helm. According to Variety, the series will be live and is currently in the early stages of development, with Henderson attached as screenwriter and executive producer. has contacted Netflix and Pokémon for comment. The untitled show is said to […]

Looks like Netflix is ​​bringing a live-

You played the video games, bought the toys, collected the collectible cards, enjoyed the anime, and watched Pokémon: Detective Pikachu. When Pokémon Go was the only reason everyone was picking up their phones you grabbed them all then too. So we’re guessing Netflix is ​​coming Pokemon The series will jump right into your must-see list […]

Netflix to produce live-action Pokémon s

Since January 2020, when Netflix released its adaptation of the popular video game franchise, The Witcher, they have seen hit after hit on the gaming front. Video game movies have long been a sore spot for game fans with terrible adaptations like Dead or Alive or Blood Rayne. Netflix seems to have found the secret […]

Live-action “Pokemon” series in early de

Washington [US]: A new ‘Pokemon’ series is currently in development at Netflix from ‘Lucifer’ creator Joe Henderson. According to Variety, as the project is still in its early stages, no details are available on the plot. However, sources suggest that Henderson is committed to the writing and executive production of the project. Henderson is currently […]

Looks like Netflix is ​​bringing a live-

You played the video games, bought the toys, collected the collectible cards, enjoyed the anime, and watched Pokémon: Detective Pikachu. When Pokémon Go was the only reason everyone was picking up their phones, you grabbed them all then too. So we’re guessing Netflix is ​​coming Pokemon the series will jump right into your must-see list […]

Live Pokémon series in development at Ne

Netflix is ​​working on a live-action Pokémon series from producer Lucifer. Netflix quickly became the hotbed of video game adaptations, with countless movies and shows based on popular video games in development. The streaming company shows no signs of slowing down either, as another major video game project has been revealed. A live-action Pokémon series […]

Live-action Pokémon series in the works

Pokémon were introduced 25 years ago in the “Pokémon Blue and Red” video games, which debuted in Japan for the Game Boy handheld gaming system in 1996 and arrived in the United States in 1998 (via BBC). Pikachu and Friends was invented by Satoshi Tajiri and illustrator Ken Sugimori, who started a games magazine in […]

Live-action Pokémon series heads to Netf

Pokemon Netflix live-action series in the works by Lucifer showrunner Joe Henderson, reports Variety. No plot details have yet been revealed, but Henderson is said to be committed to writing and executive producing the series. The writer and producer also has credits on Hulu’s 11.22.63 series, as well as Graceland and White Collar. The project […]

A live-action Pokémon series is coming t

Very well Pokemon fans, Netflix is ​​about to rock our world. According to Variety, the streamer lit live action green Pokemon series! If you think it will be similar to Detective Pikachu in style, then you’d be right. As for tone and story, it’s still silent. All we know is Lucifer co-showrunner and executive producer […]

Your TV Source Recap: Date of Lucifer Fi...

Netflix announced the final season of Lucifer will debut on the streaming service on September 10. After initially announcing that Season 5 would be the final season, Netflix ordered a sixth and final season. Netflix is ​​in the early stages of developing a live-action Pokémon series. Joe Henderson of “Lucifer” will write and produce the […]

The Pokemon series has a big franchise p...

Pokemon Sword and Protect was one of the best-selling games on the Nintendo Switch, although it generated quite a bit of controversy before its release. Game Freak’s decision to skip many pre-existing Pokémon in Sword and shield sparked backlash from some fans in the community and calls for a boycott ahead of its release. While […]

Pikachu will evolve into Raichu in new v...

After 23 seasons of television, Ash’s Pikachu could finally evolve into Raichu in Pokémon Journeys. The duo at the heart of the Pokémon streak have been inseparable since they met in 1997, and Pikachu’s choice not to evolve this first season after a difficult loss at Vermilion City Gym has been a defining feature of […]

What the main Pokemon series can learn f...

I’ve played almost every Pokemon game out there and have hundreds of hours in every major Pokemon game except Sword and Shield. Yes, Sword and Shield marked a big leap in graphics quality over previous games, but this transition was not without sacrifice. Hundreds of Pokémon have been left behind and cannot be captured in […]

New Pokemon series apparently in the wor...

Game Freak is currently recruiting for a new Pokemon series as revealed by recent job postings on the Japanese site, Creative Village. The announcements were posted on Twitter and Reset, revealing that the studio behind the main Pokemon series is currently recruiting 23 positions for a new series in the franchise, with the release of […]

Netflix obtains exclusive rights to stre...

Barely had he Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) CEO Reed Hastings reported that his company blockbuster results for the first quarter of 2020 that he began to comment on his rival Disney‘s (NYSE: DIS) Disney + service. Calling Disney’s ability to quickly grow to 50 million subscribers in just six months, “superb,” ​​Hastings said, “I take my […]

New Pokemon series with big changes set ...

Large Pocket Monster News Incoming! According to a rumor currently circulating on the World Wide Web, a new Pokemon the animated series will be released in September and this series could actually be a reboot! A Twitter source shared announcement materials and images showing designs for some fan-favorite Pokémon, hinting that something big is coming […]

8 beloved features of the Pokemon series...

Pokemon Sword and Shield, the eighth generation of the 23-year-old series, is set to release on November 15 this year for Nintendo Switch. The gameplay looks very polished and the overworld is much bigger than any other Pokemon game we’ve seen so far. But fans are pretty angry with Gamefreak. A controversial statement at E3 […]

A brief history of the Pokemon series

2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise. The games were first released in 1996 and have since become a global icon. Since its inception, the series has branched out into more than a video game series and now includes anime, manga, movies, collectible card game, and more. Just in the gaming realm, the […]