The two US police officers were fired when their captain also passed by the area who noticed them inside the hidden steering wheel in an alley.

They deliberately ignored a specific call for help for a burglary in progress in an area not far from them and simply because busy playing pokemon go, looking for characters while on the go as police officers. Because of this two American police officers were fired and will now lose their jobs following a California state appeals court ruling this month that ultimately dismissed their appeals against the ruling handed down long ago. The contentious episode actually dates back over four years when the two police officers, Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell, were caught searching for Pokémon characters through the Pokémon GO app instead of doing their jobs.

On Saturday, the operations center had invited them to the scene of an ongoing robbery reported by a supermarket located southwest of downtown Los Angeles. The two, however, didn’t care at all and stayed where they were, determined to play the video game with their cell phones. Unfortunately for them, however, at this time their captain also passed through the area heading towards a murder scene but heard the call to rob and saw them inside. the steering wheel hidden in an alley who did not repay. At this moment, the policeman goes to the place of the robbery but notices that the steering wheel, instead of following him, goes away in the opposite direction.

Asked at the station about their abnormal behavior, the two officers indicated that they had not heard the call because they were in a park where there was music and a lot of noise. Unconvinced, superiors decided to review the vehicle’s video system recording, discovering that the two were actually playing on duty just within minutes of the flight and had no hesitation in moving to another area to catch a Pokemon. in place. than to rush to the place of theft.

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