Detective Pikachu brings a massive change to the Pokemon franchise by banning Pokemon Battles. A new article on has confirmed that Pokemon Battles are prohibited within Ryme City limits, which is why the only Pokemon Battle we’ve seen in the trailers appears to be taking place in an underground arena. The article notes that Tim’s hometown and other parts of the Pokemon world have official battles with rules and regulations, but Ryme City is unique in that it has banned Pokemon Battles to focus on one. feeling of unity between Pokemon and humans.

This is why, as the first two trailers show, Pokémon trainers who want to fight must do so in secret. In the film, Detective Pikachu and Tim enter a cage-style underground arena to face off against a Charizard. Another match shows what appears to be Blastoise and Gengar fighting each other in a fight, with a giant video screen displaying an ongoing commentary with classic catchphrases like “But that failed” or “It’s super effective!” Ryme City is also unique in that Pokémon roam freely instead of spending time in Poke Balls, which is why so many Pokémon appear alongside their trainers.

We know that Pokémon regions like Johto and Sinnoh exist in Detective Pikachu thanks to the posters seen in Tim’s room and they have their own Pokémon leagues. However, reducing the importance of Pokemon Battles is probably a smart move as it has always been one of the parts of the Pokemon franchise that seemed a bit cruel once you think about it. After all, capturing Pokémon and trapping them in Poke Balls, except when fighting other Pokémon, seems a bit cruel when separated from the video game or the anime. Even the Pokemon The animated series has pointed out that many trainers do not treat their Pokémon with the level of cuteness Ash and his friends show their Pokémon. Looks like we’ll have to wait for the reported sequel to see how Legendary Pictures tries to justify pitting an adorable Bulbasaur against an equally cute Pikachu in a fight to the unconscious.

Detective Pikachu hits theaters May 10. Let us know if you’re disappointed with the Pokémon Fighting ban in the comments section or find me on Twitter at @CHofferCbus to talk about all things Pokémon!