The Pokémon Company has announced a huge stack of new projects, confirming that three new games and a digital storage system are on the way. These major revelations were made during a press conference that took place in Tokyo overnight, and a press release from The Pokémon Company appeared in our inbox this morning. We’ll list the new things that have been announced, so it doesn’t get too confusing…

Pokemon Sleep is a new mobile app/game from The Pokémon Company, which “aims to turn sleep into entertainment by making how long a player sleeps and what time they wake up affect gameplay” . Its launch in 2020 will bring with it a new device, the Pokémon GO Plus+, which the app will connect to. More details on the app’s functionality will be revealed at a later date.

Pokemon Masters is the mobile game that DeNA developers are working on. This upcoming game “allows players to experience a new type of battling Pokémon on the go and features many famous Pokémon trainers from the long history of Pokémon video games.” Gameplay “will be optimized for smart devices for a casual yet unique Pokémon experience.” We’ll hear more about that in June.

The third new Pokémon experience that was announced today is a new Detective Pikachu game which, following the success of Detective Pikachu movie, will bring the detective spin-off series to the Nintendo Switch for the first time. This new game will follow the cliffhanger of the previous one Detective Pikachu game, which launched on the 3DS, and promises to provide “a conclusion to this story”. We don’t have a release date yet.