The past few weeks have been filled with major world events, new games, and more. All the noise makes it difficult to sit down and enjoy the games, especially as conflicts heat up around the world. With that in mind, sit back and enjoy Game Rant Arcade’s longest episode to date.

The first standing Pokemon scarlet and violet have been announced, putting the next iteration of the franchise at the forefront of Nintendo’s gaming lineup. Pokemon Legends Arceus released less than a month ago, but it looks like the new games will return to a more traditional format. This has yet to be confirmed, but a blog post indicated it was.


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Next, the PSVR2 design was revealed, showing off the revised version of the PlayStation headset. The new virtual reality device is designed with comfort in mind – more so than the previous one, anyway. There are still so many important questions to answer, but at the very least it seems to be down to one cable.

In other PlayStation news, Project Spartacus will soon launch at a three-tier pricing offer. The service will likely be PlayStation’s answer to Xbox Game Pass, though details are still slim. It’s definitely something fans need to see from PlayStation eventually, but whether or not the company will deliver remains a major question.

Ultimately, Fallout New Vegas 2 reportedly in preliminary talks, but fans shouldn’t expect to hear anything anytime soon. It’s still firmly a rumor, but it could mean Obsidian is getting the sequel that many fans have been waiting for over a decade.

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  • Pokemon Scarlet and Violet revealed
  • PSVR2 design revealed
  • The Spartacus project will soon be launched
  • Games industry supports Ukraine
  • Fallout New Vegas reportedly in talks

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