These days, you can hardly travel for video game adaptations. All of The last of us at Unexplored, Halo at Ghost of Tsushima leave console and PC for a new medium. While we were once confined to abyssal outings like the one led by Dwayne Johnson Loss and 2003 house of death (which has 3% on Rotten Tomatoes), we have thankfully come a long way.

As in 2018 grave robber and the recent Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City show is still not a perfect formula. Away from the pressures of box office performance, there’s a new breed of pixelated upstarts trying to conquer the small screen instead. There are a few major IPs floating around right now, but where are Pokemon in all of that ?

Along with the above The last of usfrom Amazon Falllive action System shockpersistent rumors of a Mass Effect the series should excite you. Following in their footsteps, here’s why Detective Pikachu should also pack up for a streaming service near you.

Where is Detective Pikachu 2?

Warner Bros,

In 2019, Detective Pikachu shocked its way to the top of the box office as the adorable mouse mascot bridged the gap between anime and live-action. Although Ryan Reynolds voicing the titular Pikachu might have seemed like an odd choice, the Hollywood megastar’s iconic voice only added to the mix. Detective Pikachuthe charms.

Although Detective Pikachu carefully put together a sequel, the years pass and it never happens. Recently, actor Justice Smith (Tim Goodman) poured water on our hopes of Detective Pikachu 2. To say we should “bury” the idea of ​​Detective Pikachu donning his adorable hat isn’t exactly good news.

We don’t know why Detective Pikachu 2 hasn’t been released yet – mostly because there was a lot of buzz about a sequel immediately after the first film’s release. Detective Pikachu made an impressive $433 million at the box office, meaning it’s the second highest-grossing video game movie of all time. Only 2016 Warcraft did more, and with sonic the hedgehog sitting in fifth place but Sonic 2 coming this year is a confusing turn of events.

Why is now the perfect time for a Pokémon series?

Detective Pikachu Lickatung

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We have already covered how we are in something a Pokemon rebirth, and aside from the hope that the Pokemon Trading Card Game will receive much-needed love and attention, the runaway success of Pokemon Legends: Arceus shows that the franchise still has plenty of steam.

There is supposedly a live action Pokemon series coming to Netflix, but with only the early stages of development, we have no idea what that will entail. If we don’t get a real Detective Pikachu sequel, a series would be a great way to continue the story. From what little we saw of Ryme City, it was a colorful and vibrant backdrop filled with a ton of Pokemon. A sensible path would have been for Warner Bros. to sell the Detective Pikachu rights to the streaming giant, but we doubt that’s the case.

Whatever the shape Pokemon continues on our screen, talent is likely to be key. We know Reynolds as Detective Pikachu was a controversial choice, but it undoubtedly brought some people to the film. Luckily, Hollywood megastars like Henry Cavill and Pedro Pascal have been lured into live-action video game adaptations, and a Pokemon the series would probably do the same.

What should a Pokemon series do differently?

Detective Pikachu Aipom

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Given that Pokemon has its roots in Japanese anime, there were also those who accused the studio of cultural erasure. It’s something we’ve seen time and time again with strange doctor and ghost in the shell. There were more than a few raised eyebrows that the only Asian star was Ken Watanabe’s Detective Hideo Yoshida. Ryme City might have had a colorful cast of characters, but with only 54′ Mon featured, that was a far cry from the 900 that exist. Yes Detective Pikachu continues, the team needs to rely more on the fan-favorite anime.

Others criticized Warner Bros. for choosing the option of a spin-off franchise instead of going for a direct adaptation. We don’t have to focus on a live-action Ash Ketchum, but it seems odd that we’ve opted for a talking Pikachu and his floppy hat. Yet another Detective Pikachu should keep that electric mouse front and center – which we don’t necessarily think would be a bad thing.

Even if a series sequel doesn’t follow Detective Pikachu and Tim, we’re sure there are plenty of other movers and shakers. We already have a perfect villain in the form of Team Rocket. Although the great anime villains have been absent Detective Pikachu, there was a Team Rocket easter egg thanks to Jessie and James’ voice actors Megumi Hayashibara and Shin-ichiro Miki landing in different parts. Come on, give us a live-action Giovanni and his towering Persian.

deliver a Detective Pikachu The series would allow us to explore Ryme City and many pocket monsters that have resigned themselves to being background characters or background Easter Exeggutors. Even if Detective Pikachu won’t get new life on the big screen, any form of Netflix series would be foolish not to tie into the events of the film. It was far from a perfect Poke picture, but it was a good start. Let’s see if anyone has the Machops to make this one happen, or is it the Detective Pikachu name is doomed to follow Cubone’s mother’s path?