Pokemon is one of the most famous video game franchises in the world. Players around the world have caught, trained, and fought with Pokemon since the first generation of Pokemon games came out in 1996, and they only got bigger thanks to anime and movies.

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Pokemon is so big now that making a derivative game is almost guaranteed. Although some of these spin-off games have grown in popularity along with the mainstream games (like Pokémon Snap), many of them have been forgotten. Here is some Pokemon games that have been forgotten by time.

ten Pokémon Trading Card Game

Pokemon Kangaskhan Trading Card Game vs. Onyx

As a large multimedia franchise, Pokemon Obviously has a collectible card game that is still traded and played to this day. While the TCG is generally known as a physical table card game, there are a few versions of video games, such as Pokémon Trading Card Game for the Game Boy Color.

In this video game, players take on the role of a young boy traveling the world and challenging others, this time using card games instead of Pokemon. The game contains over 200 cards from the first three sets of the Pokemon TCG.


9 Pokemon pinball machine

Pokemon Pinball A ball in full play

Pokemon pinball machine is a classic game with a Pokemon turn on it. The way this game is played is the same as other pinball games, but the ball and pinball tables are Pokemon-Related.

However, there are a few unique mechanisms in Pokemon pinball machine. Throughout the game, the player always tries to catch all 151 Pokémon and complete their Pokedex. To do this, they use “Catch Mode” to catch new Pokémon and “Evolution Mode” to evolve them. These mechanisms offer a new formula to a classic game like pinball.

8 Pokémon Trozei!

Pokemon Trozei several matching Pokemon blocks from Wooper, Metapod and Solrock

Pok̩mon Trozei! is another PokemonРthemed puzzle game. This one is more unique, but it looks like games like Bejeweled Where Tetris, in that the player must match PokemonРthematic blocks in order to earn points.

When a four-block Pokémon match is made, the player gets a Trozei chance. This allows the player to make matches with just three Pokémon blocks. If they manage to get that, they can make matches with just two blocks. This game is very simple, but it has a certain depth.

seven Pokémon Puzzle League

Pokemon Puzzle League Ash and Misty face off

Another one Pokemon puzzle game, this time a cross between Pokemon and that of Nintendo League of puzzles series. The player must clear the blocks by swapping Pokemon– thematic blocks around to make lines of three or more blocks. Blocks are constantly being added to the bottom of the screen, and if the blocks reach the top, the player loses.

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A special feature of this game is that the player can play as characters from the Pokemon lively. This includes obvious fan favorites like Ash, Misty, and Brock, but also characters like Tracy, Professor Oak, and Gary.

6 Hi you, Pikachu!

Hi you, Pikachu!  Pikachu waving from outside

Hi you, Pikachu! is an interesting game because it uses the voice recognition feature of the Nintendo 64. The game involves befriending a wild Pikachu using the PokeHelper, one of Professor Oak’s inventions. Once the Pikachu has befriended, the player can make it perform various tasks on a daily basis.

Many of these tasks usually involve different purposes, such as collecting food. Completing these tasks earns the player Pika Points, which can be used to own items. While most Pokemon the games consist of collecting various Pokémon, Hi you, Pikachu! seems to be all about playing with the ever popular Pikachu.

5 Pokemon rumble

Pokemon Rumble Machop fighting multiple Charmander

Pokemon rumble is a very unique Pokemon Game. This is a fighting game in which the player controls a Pokémon and battles other Pokémon as they go through each level. The player starts with a single Pokémon and slowly gains more attacks and playable Pokémon as they progress through the game.

While Pokemon rumble can be played solo, it also supports multiplayer up to four people. Passwords can also be used to unlock certain playable Pokémon. While the game itself wasn’t very successful, it spawned several sequels such as Pokemon Rumble Blast and Pokemon Rumble U.

4 Pokémon Stadium

Pokemon Stadium called Gyarados

While this doesn’t happen immediately for most casual gamers, Pokemon is generally considered to be a role-playing game. Exploration is just as important as battles, as is building a strong group with few weaknesses.

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Pokémon Stadium removes many of these role-playing aspects, focusing entirely on Pokémon battles. The player fights in a series of Pokémon battles with a group of Pokémon rented in the game or received from the main Pokémon games. When beating certain cups, the player can even receive Pokémon that can be transferred to the original red and blue.

3 Pokemon Fighting Revolution

Pokemon Battle Revolution Staravia attacking a Chingling

Pokemon Fighting Revolution is a game very similar to Pokémon Stadium, as it focuses on Pokémon battles instead of the usual RPG experience of Pokemon. Like Pokémon Stadium, the player progresses through a series of battles in the Colosseum, each with different rules and restrictions.

Pokemon Fighting Revolution also has some connectivity with the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Games. Players can sometimes earn Pokémon that can be transferred to these games, as well as TMs and other useful items. It was the first Pokemon game with online functionality on a home console.

2 Pokémon Ranger

Pokemon Ranger Player Character Climbing Vine

Pokémon Ranger is quite similar to a normal Pokemon game, with a few exceptions. The player character can temporarily catch Pokemon using their capture styler, which is controlled with the Nintendo DS stylus. These Pokémon can then be used to solve puzzles or even catch other Pokémon.

Pokémon Ranger is also distinguished by the fact that it takes place in a unique region called Fiore. There, Pokémon aren’t kept in Pokeballs, and Rangers keep the peace in every town. The Go-Rock Squad is the main villain and plans to use Legendary Pokémon to cause trouble in the region.

1 Pokémon Conquest

Pokemon Conquest a battle between several Pokemon

Pokémon Conquest is another cross game, this time between Pokemon and Koei Nobunaga’s ambition series. This tactical role-playing game features a trainer traveling through the Warring States era Ransei battle figures of Japan, recruiting them and their Pokémon to use in battle.

Because the battle in Pokémon Conquest is very different, there are a lot of changes from the main line Pokemon Games. Pokémon can only use one move, and Wild Pokémon are recruited by having Warriors connect with them. Link (which is a percentage) replaces the usual level system, and Pokemon can only evolve when it reaches a certain link.

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