Main line Pokemon the games have always been focused on young people who want to discover and get closer to Pokemon, while growing strong enough to conquer each region’s Pokemon League. However, although the protagonist of each game is silent so that they can be a blank slate, it is only when Pokémon X and Yes that an element of character customization has been introduced.

Calem or Serena may be the “canonical” protagonist of Kalos (the unselected individual becoming his main rival), but X and Yes marked the first time players could purchase new outfits from French-inspired boutiques in the region. Players could always name each other, but starting in Gen 6 there has also been a growing effort to make fans look alike. Pokemon Also leans more into referencing previous titles via cosmetic options, but the next main game should really work with that to create a full, nostalgic catalog of outfits for players to use.


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How Pokemon Customization Evolved


For the first five generations of Pokemon games, the main way people could express themselves was through their team lineup. There was only one player character option until Crystal Pokémon introduced Kris as Ethan’s female counterpart in 2000. From that point on, every game had a choice between a girl and boy character, spawning one of the most enduring jokes in the community of fans.

A little more customization is available in a few of these previous titles, where players can choose an NPC sprite to represent themselves in online battles or other activities. However, people were largely stuck with the binary choice between a boy and a girl through Nate and Rosa – the protagonists of Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. Starting with X and Yes, players could choose between one of three variations of the main character: the widely regarded “canon” choice, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed option, and then another with slightly darker skin tone. A limited number of hair styles and outfits could be applied from there.

Pokémon Sun and Moon, as good as Sword and Protect thereafter, increased customization options with an increasing range of skin tones, many more hair and outfit options, as well as choices for things like the style in which players could throw a Poke Ball. However, for many, those choices still don’t go far enough. While the ‘boy or girl’ dichotomy is not strongly emphasized as an initial choice, outfits or hairstyles can still be locked behind traditional gender roles. Having four choices for skin tone doesn’t go that far given Pokemonthe global appeal of.

Brilliant Diamond and Brilliant Pearl continue Pokemon’s progress

shiny pearl pokemon shiny diamond

It’s always good to see Game Freak move in the right direction when it comes to customization; slow steps are progress. One of the interesting things about this increase in customization is how the philosophy started to affect the remakes as well. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the first games released after X and Yes, chose to only use updated designs for the original Ruby and Sapphire protagonists Brendan and May. Some were disappointed that the still-new customization feature took a step back, but since the games were based on older titles, it made sense.

Shiny Diamond Pokémon and Shiny pearl, the upcoming Gen 4 remakes, have avoided such a pretext. Although the developer ILCA (who cut his teeth by doing the Home Pokémon storage and trading application) creates more traditional remakes than Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, it always introduces a lot of new style. One of the biggest additions is the ability to change both the skin tone and outfit of the protagonists Lucas and Dawn. In the most recent trailer, it was revealed that a set of outfits early adopters can choose from are clothing based on Lucas and Dawn from Pokémon Platinum.

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Pokemon should expand its benchmark fan service

Given the lack of clarity from Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, and ILCA regarding the amount of content on Pokémon Platinum will appear in Brilliant diamond and Shiny pearl, the inclusion of Platinum outfits as a bonus, it’s nice to see. It is also the next step in a reference outfit scheme established by Sword and Protect. Most of the cosmetic options in these games were original styles worthy of the UK-inspired Galar region and its focus on professional sports. However, The Crown Tundra DLC also introduced a monocle based on Ghetsis’ eyepiece from Black and White, as well as blinds based on Lysander technology from X and Yes.

The kicker is that these props weren’t just DLC content, they also had nothing to do with the expansion’s main storyline. Players must speak to Peonia in Crown Tundra’s Max Raid Lair to randomly receive these two items, so they are purely optional. The Platinum held in Brilliant diamond and Shiny pearl are similar in that players must choose to download them, although they are only available for a limited time. Taken together, alongside previous gifts such as various Pikachu wearing Ash Ketchum’s hats, this shows an increased willingness to pay homage to the Pokemon the history of the franchise.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus will also have player customization options when it releases in early 2022, but given that the game is set far into the past, many styling options are unlikely to be taken from the games defined further down the timeline. of the universe. Whatever the next traditional, the main line Pokemon The game can certainly replace it, as outfits based on all of the previous protagonists would give fans more ways to personalize themselves and relive their memories. The lesson Pokémon evolutions The animated miniseries hints at a similar idea by showing Pikachu across the world wearing the hats of the protagonists of each generation.

Even though Game Freak wants to avoid too many benchmark outfits in its next main game to let the local flavor of a region shine through, it could come back to the idea in the DLC. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can even offer an interesting model, because its The paths of the masters The DLC expansion has scattered a handful of pieces of armor around Hyrule referencing older games. Link could wear Majora’s mask, Wind wakerthe Outset Island shirt, Midna’s helmet and more. May be Pokemon could use a similar scavenger hunt that allows players to express themselves more through a sense of ingrained nostalgia.

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