Like many others, I have loved Pokemon since it first became popular in the late ’90s. Between cards, shows, movies, and video games, I just couldn’t get enough of it. Being able to fill a Pokedex with all the different types of Pokémon, go on an adventure to get all your favorites for your own team and do Pokémon battles to become the best Pokémon trainer in the whole country has captured the hearts of millions of people. . .

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Over twenty years later, that still seems to be the case. But why? Yes, everything was great at first, but keeping almost every game the exact same for so many years and always is franchising as popular? You would think they would have changed things a bit more. In some ways they did, like the new (more) concept of energizing your Pokemon during battle. But for the most part, the structure and plot of the games and shows have been the same.

There is a saying, “don’t fix what ain’t broke,” which seems to apply well here. But there are reasons Pokemon can stay almost exactly the same for so many years and not be “broken”, so to speak.

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People appreciate constants in a constantly changing society

Our world, compared to what it was in the 90s, is… worse, in my opinion. But by withdrawing opinions, he is at least different. As the world continues to change in so many ways, almost everything changes with it. You can go back and play your old video games which will still be the same, but you always have “back then” in mind. Pokemon continues to be relevant today while maintaining the familiarity of what we all had back then. Yes, there are new Pokémon, types, locations, and more, but the overall structure of the games is basically the same. It’s heartwarming for many to be able to play something that they know they can count on to stay the way it always has been.

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It’s the perfect mix of novelty and familiarity

It is important to note that they do not release the exact the same things over and over again. Pokemon is the perfect combination of everything we know and love and cool materials. Many consider it ideal that the gameplay remains similar, but includes new characters, Pokémon, locations, etc. Fire Emblem, for example, is another franchise that has released games for many years that work exactly the same but also feature new aspects every time. It seems like a formula that works well for gamers.


It has become competitive over time

One major aspect that has kept Pokemon in popularity is its development into competitive gameplay. While back then you could compete against your friends or play the card game competitively, there weren’t the huge competitions that there are now. There are all kinds of different tournaments and competitions being held around the world for Pokemon, providing players with the motivation to become the best at games.

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They continually add to the knowledge base you already have

If you have been playing Pokemon for many years, you have a solid understanding of most of the type and Pokemon strategies that are “good to use”. What’s cool is that this knowledge always helps you in new games, but they build on that with new releases. This way, there is still challenge and freshness so that the gameplay does not have to become outdated and the player always has to learn new elements. You may be familiar with a lot of types that are good to use against others, but you will still need to familiarize yourself with the newer types.

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