Pokemon fans have now had Sword and Shield for over a month and it’s great. However, while playing, I thought of some things that I would like to see Game Freak improve in the next generation of games. Before you get too optimistic, I don’t plan to cover the Pokedex in this article. I’ve come to appreciate the limited Pokedex, but that’s for another time.

The first thing I would like to see are improved animations. While I’d love to see animations that involve Pokemon interacting with each other more in battle, for now I’d stick with animations that actually match the attack. For example, right now my Dubwool knows Headbutt. You’d think with the cool ram horns and attack name, he’d use his head to attack. Nope. My Dubwool turns around and kicks enemies when it uses Headbutt. How can that make sense? Many moves have animations that make sense, but it’s clear that at least some Pokemon need more work.

Another improvement I would like to see is better scaling. I shouldn’t see much of my Wailord in battle. Instead, in battle, Pokémon sizes become very ambiguous as they reach the larger ones. It’s just a little disappointing sometimes. It doesn’t ruin the gameplay, but it would be a nice aesthetic improvement.

A third improvement is the trading system. Trying to trade with a friend is a bit of a nightmare. In case you don’t know, the current process requires you to make sure you’re connected to the internet and not local communications, create a 4-digit “code” and pray no one else uses the same coded. The other night my friend set up the code and I went to join her and ended up with a complete stranger using the code my friend sent me. Why can’t I just view a list of my friends and go, I want to connect with Amie?

My fourth and final improvement that I would like to see is a bit quixotic. Would love if they brought couch co-op to the main titles. I know it’s probably harder to achieve than the let’s go games, but I wish I could sit down with my wife and play Pokemon together on the same Switch.

There are four things I’d like Game Freak to work on for the next set of Pokemon Games. I know they probably won’t address a single one of them. What would you like to see improved for the next generation?