Detective Pikachu was a breakthrough for the Pokemon franchise, where he featured live-action pocket monsters to deal with. Now Netflix is ​​developing live-action Pokemon series, but will it follow the lead of the 2019 film?

Aside from the part Ryan Reynolds-directed comedy, part nostalgia fest, there was only one live-action short that appeared before Detective Pikachutelling of a crueler world of Pokemon where ‘mons were made to fight for sport.

Netflix’s adaptation could build on that grim premise, but it could also be some sort of sequel to Detective Pikachu.

POKÉMON Detective Pikachu – Official Trailer

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POKÉMON Detective Pikachu – Official Trailer





Is the Live-Action series different from Detective Pikachu?

Variety reported that Netflix is ​​currently in the early stages of developing a new Pokemon travel with Lucifer co-showrunner Joe Henderson attached to produce. However, Netflix has yet to announce this.

Apparently the only link the series will have to Detective Pikachu is its live-action concept, where Pokemon will be designed and animated to look like creatures that might exist in the real world. Detective PikachuThe hyper-realistic textures of have propelled the franchise’s creatures into a new generation, leaving behind their 2D depictions found in beloved anime or collectible card art.

Aside from the live-action similarities, it would appear that the series has no narrative connection to the film. Netflix’s merit in developing original shows stung Pokemon interest from fans, as they are curious about what path the series will take, what characters will be involved, and more importantly, what Pokemon will be included this time around.

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What could the Netflix Pokemon Be About?

If you’ve been a Netflix subscriber long enough, you’ll know all about the streaming service’s taste for gritty, gripping shows. Fans should definitely prepare to leave behind the heartwarming world of kawaii Pokemon and prepare for something darker and different from anything that has come before.

the Pokemon anime has always been a kids show with a vanilla and happily ever after formula and Detective Pikachu also played by these rules. Netflix is ​​unlikely to want to recycle old themes featured in the anime, and it will also want to part ways with Detective Pikachu if it is indeed an independent project. Therefore, we might be about to embark on a more down-to-earth adaptation, exploring how Pokémon survive in the real world and how their trainers interact with them.

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