There’s no doubt that Logan Paul is a Pokémon enthusiast, and he explains why the franchise’s first generation holds a special place in his heart.

Whether the general public knows Logan Paul for his social media presence, his brief boxing career, or his insatiable love for attention, one thing that is synonymous with his name is controversy. Wherever he goes, Paul’s magnetic personality is guaranteed to bring a wave of fans who love him and those who despise his every word.

The one thing that cannot be denied is his absolute love for the Pokemon franchise. If Paul creates a custom table from Gameboy Colors or go out to WWE WrestleMania with one of the most expensive Pokemon cards around his neck, there is no doubt that Logan Paul is a passionate Pokemon fanatic.


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In an episode of FlagrantPaul specified what Pokemon the game holds a special place in his heart. The first generation of Pokemon Game, pokemon red and blueand then pokemon yellow as a special edition, is the edition in which Paul finds himself continually. Paul reveals that once every three years he will want to buy a Gameboy Color and a copy of Pokemon Red Where pokemon yellow to satisfy his urge to catch monsters. For the social media sensation, the original version of the first 151 Pokémon is the one that Paul finds the most appealing of all existing generations.

Released worldwide in 1998, pokemon red and blue hit the market and became a worldwide phenomenon for any kid who convinced their parents to shell out enough money for a Gameboy and a copy of either Pokemon red or blue. From the simplistic combat mechanics, collectible pocket monsters, to catchy tunes from the soundtrack, the game had it all. In Japan, it sold over a million copies by the end of 1996 and another 3.65 million the following year, surpassing the total sales of Final Fantasy VII. In the United States, it sold over 200,000 copies in its first two weeks while ending the year with over four million sales. pokemon red and blue became the best-selling game on the handheld device in 1999, reaching over 6.1 million households nationwide.

Paul bent over the Pokemon franchise for just under four minutes, describing what drives him to love the game series so much. Whether it’s catching all 151 original Pokémon, collecting as many cards from the Pokemon trading card game, or just talking about the designs of his favorite monsters, Paul is always up for chatting about his favorite franchise. Although the other guests cracked up on his fandom, Paul remained unashamed and was thrilled to reveal that he not only collects and plays Pokemon games, but he will also always be a fan of the world’s best-selling entity.

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