It is extremely difficult to find the most iconic Pokémon locations in the 122 games that have been introduced on game consoles around the world. Nonetheless, there are a few that will remain on any player’s mind as being truly iconic.

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No matter if they brought joy, beauty, history or frustration into your life, these places are as unforgettable as your hometown. It should be noted that these preferences are entirely personal and all depend on how and in the order in which you play the games. Nevertheless, here are some absolutely iconic places.

Cerulean City

Cerulean City Aquatic Gymnasium, iconic Pokemon locations

As the homeland of gymnasium leader Misty, the town of Cerulean is one of the most iconic and amazing places in the Kanto region. It just screams nostalgia and will always hold a special place in the hearts of all Pokemon fans.

It was first seen in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow, but can be found in multiple games because Cerulean City is such an important and beloved place in the expansive world of Pokemon. It’s also one of only two towns in the Kanto region to offer four full itineraries, so you can get to this memorable place in a number of ways.

Heahea town

Iconic Pokemon Heahea City locations right by the beach

Almost all the places in the wonderful Alola region are hard not to remember. It’s not just because it’s beautiful, but because it’s based on even more beautiful Hawaii. Many say that if you love Alola you will feel right at home in Hawaii and vice versa.

One of the best towns in the Alola area is Heahea City. It feels like it combines the down-to-earth towns of Hawaii with the quaint and beautiful towns that many love to visit. This small coastal town has a wonderful resort area to keep you entertained and has a great history that makes nostalgic fans love it even more. Heahea City was founded by residents of Johto and Kanto, so it contains some little aspects of these beloved regions.

Pallet city

Pokemon Iconic Locations Pallet Town Sword and Shield

Pallet Town is a former Pokémon fan’s dream. It is the home of Professor Oak and the start of hours of fun in the world of Pokemon.

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Pallet Town almost embodies the Pokemon theme for most fans. It is a beautiful city with breathtaking music and warm atmosphere that will get rid of all your worries and worries, allowing you to fully integrate into the world of Pokemon.

Tin city

Pokemon Iconic Locations Pewter City bird's eye view

While not the most exciting place in the Pokemon franchise, Pewter City is home to pure nostalgia, the wonderful Brock, and the magnificent science museum.

Pewter City is the first accessible gym in the entire series and it turns out good old Brock. It is an extremely memorable battle and hard to hate, even if you are destroyed by its Pokemon.

Not only does the gym hold a special place in everyone’s heart, but the music is instantly recognizable and stunningly beautiful, as is the landscape that surrounds this city. It also has the Science Museum to explore, keeping you in awe of everything in it, as well as letting you guess this room from the side where scientists bring fossils to life.

Lavender city

Iconic Locations of Pokemon Building Lavender Town

While many other places in the Pokemon world brag about their beauty and gym rulers, Lavender Town aims to brag about their rather spooky atmosphere. While not for everyone, this is what sets the city apart from others and makes it a place to remember.

Lavender Town has a plethora of cool things to participate in and look around, besides being home to a good number of Ghost-type Pokémon if that’s what you need to catch them all. Nevertheless, the combination of the Gothic atmosphere, spooky landscapes and beautiful music makes this place an unforgettable place.

City of saffron

Pokemon Card Iconic Locations Saffron City

Nestled between the popular towns of Celadon City, Vermilion City, and Cerulean City, Saffron City can easily be overlooked or even missed if you’re not interested in it. However, there are many ways you’ll be missing if you don’t take the time to come and take a look at Saffron City.

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Home to the most populous city in the Kanto region, you will need to actively avoid this place so as not to fall into it. However, once you do, you’ll never want to go out. It’s a wonderful place that brings back tons of memories as well as loads of different things to do, people to visit, pokemon to catch and, of course, a trainer to fight. Ultimately, Saffron City is one of the most prominent places in the Kanto region and definitely shouldn’t be missed.

Mount Coronet

Pokemon iconic locations Mount Coronet Volcano

Thinking of the most iconic places in the Pokémon world, it’s very easy to jump straight to beautiful towns or stunning beaches that make you lose your jaw. However, sometimes all you are looking for when playing Pokemon is a nice little dungeon. This is where Mount Coronet comes in.

If you want to test the skills and potency of your Pokémon as well as your own, this is where you will end up. It is truly an iconic place that offers you a difficult dungeon that spans the entire region. Perfect for anyone who wants a little endless battle.

City of Azalée

Map of iconic locations in Pokemon Azalea Town

With lovely laid back music, an interesting story, and a very helpful NPC to meet, Azalea Town is hugely important and an absolutely iconic place to visit, purely for their Slowpoke obsession and connection to the legendary Celebi, depending on what game you play.

The NPC you meet is Kurt, he shows you everything you need to know about those weird Apricorns you found. He also prepares special Pokeballs for you and gives them to you for free. This is a really good clue to catching the legendary Celebi if you are playing the Japanese version of Crystal. This is all great, but the townspeople’s love for Slowpoke is just hilariously interesting. The town offers a full history that is absolutely worth checking out the next time you visit Azalea Town.

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