People are still working to catch them all, apparently.

After 25 years, the Pokemon franchise shows no signs of slowing down. Original fans and newbies alike are ready to grab ’em all, and Nintendo is ready to grab all those dollars. Today, the company revealed that nearly 35 million Pokemon games were sold in the last fiscal year alone. In fact, three of the best-selling first-party Switch titles are Pokemon games, which should come as no surprise.

pokemon shiny diamond and shiny pearl were the best-selling Nintendo games of fiscal year 2022 and are now the best-selling Pokemon never do again. The games sold 14.65 million units between their release in November and the end of March.

The semi-open world title Pokemon Legends: Arceus, released in January, managed to sell 12.64 million units in just two months. This makes the game the second best-selling Nintendo Switch title of fiscal year 2022.

The franchise’s first mainline series to be released on Nintendo Switch in 2019, Pokémon Sword and Shield managed to sell an additional 3.18 million copies, bringing total sales to 24.27 million. Let’s go Eevee and Come on Pikachureleased in 2018, sold an additional 1.25 million copies, bringing the total to 14.53.

After calculating the sales of New Pokemon Snap–totaling 2.40 million–the final number of Pokemon games last year amounted to 34.12 million.

In January, Nintendo announced another main entry in the franchise. Pokémon Violet and pokemon scarlet are set to release later this year, with Nintendo issuing a brief statement in February explaining why promotion for the games has been so quiet.

“We want to be sensitive to major world events happening right now and those affected. A pre-scheduled Pokemon Presents could not be rescheduled. Out of respect for our global audience, we have decided to significantly reduce the promotion of the event while still giving fans the option to tune in if they wish,” the company said in a press release.