The Pokémon world is about to get A LOT bigger. Right now, the main franchsie anime is on Netflix via Pokemon Journeys and its upcoming sequel “Master Journeys”. Plus, his games still come out and sell millions of copies, he has merchandise that sells wazoo making him one of the biggest brands in the world, in 2019 he had a movie of blockbuster live action, and now… Netflix wants to jump into that action too.

Not by bringing another cartoon to the franchise, but rather by going and having a Pokemon live-action series on the platform. Yes it does and Variety has some key details. For example, this project is VERY early in production, so you can bet there won’t be any key art for a while. Additionally, the show’s boss will be none other than Joe Henderson, who many Netflix fans will know as Lucifer’s co-creator and showrunner. So at the very least this show is going to be in good hands… but we’ve seen this backfire in the past…

You see, while it’s fair to say that many are excited about the prospect of a new Pokemon live-action series ... the idea of ​​it happening on Netflix, and frankly not happening at all, is not so encouraging.

Now, some will rightly cite Detective Pikachu as proof that it can happen, and be okay. And that’s true, but this movie was not without its issues, and it focused very narrowly on the franchise world, and was based on a spin-off game and not in the “main world” if you will.

And the fans have already made creative efforts to show their fears …

Yes, that sums it up pretty well. Because they know that between Death Note, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, Attack on Titan, Ghost in the Shell and even Avatar The Last Airbender… Hollywood fails to make these adaptations more than it manages.

So… we’ll just have to see how it all plays out.