With the availability of pirated copies, “Pokemon Brilliant Diamond” and “Shining Pearl” are now in the hands of players who wish to share their experiences with others. At least 8 players stream the games to hundreds of viewers on Twitch. Meanwhile, outside of Twitch, Twitter users have shared a wealth of information about the remakes, including game sequences and customization options.

It’s likely that Nintendo will tackle this by slapping accounts that stream or post footage of the games early with keystrokes for copy, especially given its history of cracking down on information leaks before release. Just last week, hacker Gary Bowser was ordered to pay Nintendo $ 4.5 million for his hand in selling third-party software that allows Nintendo Switch and 3DS to download and read illegal ROM files. Nintendo has destroyed a number of pirate sites in the past, and it is likely that these “Pokemon” leaks are already in the company’s sights.

According to Dexerto, some Twitch accounts have already been banned from the platform for streaming games in advance. But that obviously didn’t deter others from risking everything for points of view.