Game Freak is currently recruiting for a new Pokemon series as revealed by recent job postings on the Japanese site, Creative Village.

The announcements were posted on Twitter and Reset, revealing that the studio behind the main Pokemon series is currently recruiting 23 positions for a new series in the franchise, with the release of roles such as programmers and designers. While we don’t know if this will be the next entry in the main Pokemon series – since the rough list translation doesn’t seem to mention it – it could very well be the next big adventure in the main line. from Pokemon. games, following Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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This appears right before the next Pokemon Presents feed, which should give us some good help with Pokemon news. We don’t yet know what the feed will reveal, but any news from Pokemon is generally good news.

There has been speculation that we could potentially see another remake in a similar vein to Pokemon Let’s Go that will bring back one of the oldest games in the franchise such as Pokemon Gold and Silver. The evidence for this doesn’t go beyond rumors at this time, but it doesn’t appear to be too far beyond the realm of possibility. While it’s highly unlikely we’ll learn more about this particular project, it’s exciting to know that a new series is apparently in the works.

If this is the next game in the main series, we can’t help but wonder where the next Pokémon journey will take us.

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