When the most recent Pokemon The anime was announced, fans went into a frenzy trying to decipher what this latest addition to the franchise would be. Is Ash Ketchum still the protagonist? Could this be a full reboot of the decades-long anime? Would Ash’s Alola League victory place a crescendo in the career of the eternal young coach? Now fans have received the answers to these questions as the latest animated series will feature Ash Ketchum once again in the foreground after his big Alola League win.

This Reddit user shared the trailer created after the last episode aired of Pokémon: Sun and Moon, showing not only Ash Ketchum as the protagonist, but also the latest addition to the franchise in the form of Gou and his Scorbunny:

The next Pokémon series will be a series with two protagonists: Ash and Goo! of r / pokemon

So far, few details have been revealed regarding this new series, but it could potentially be how Ash manages to pass the torch to Gou as his pocket monster aptly mirrors one of the “starters” of Pokémon: Sword and Shield. We’ve certainly had Ketchum as our main protagonist for a long time, and we’ve moved on to a new trainer that’s more closely tied to the upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive.

(Photo: OLM Inc)

Although another way to look at the upcoming series is that Gou will simply be a companion to Ketchum, taking on the role of Brock and Misty from the previous episodes. Certainly, with Ash’s new status as the Alola League champion, he’ll need some help handling all the fanfare and who better than another budding coach?

It’s clear that the next animated series will focus on a world tour, hitting multiple regions as part of Ash’s “victory tower”. Whether the series also includes other older characters from the franchise or simply focuses on introducing new characters will be answered when the anime debuts later this year. Not a ton of details have been revealed about Gou to date, although an interesting wrinkle is that Gou specifically seeks to capture the mystic. Pokemon by Mew.

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