After 23 seasons of television, Ash’s Pikachu could finally evolve into Raichu in Pokémon Journeys. The duo at the heart of the Pokémon streak have been inseparable since they met in 1997, and Pikachu’s choice not to evolve this first season after a difficult loss at Vermilion City Gym has been a defining feature of their lives.

Following Ash (the Japanese version’s Satoshi) and newcomer Goh, whose mission is to collect one of each Pokémon, ”Pokémon Journeys traverses the entirety of this Pokémon universe, with the pair traveling through recognizable and new regions in the world. aim to accomplish their various goals.

The series has only just returned to television after a coronavirus-related hiatus, and has been quite controversial for its own changes to the Pokémon-based formula.

For several fans to go crazy for something so trivial because of the art mode, it might come as a shock to evolve the superbly stubborn Pikachu that has motivated hordes of kids to refuse advancement in their copies of their matches. .

As indicated by the recent raw leaks related to the 1112 upcoming episodes of Pokémon Journeys, Ash will now transform his new Pikachu into his powerful Raichu type. What had previously kept Ash from accomplishing, so it was Pikachu’s consent that had been put in place quite early in the series.

In the fifth event of this show ‘Showdown at the Tin Metropolis’, Pikachu was challenged to accept love at first sight and trigger development.

The series recently returned to television after the inaugural hiatus, also experimenting with its own modifications to this well-known Pokémon formula.

For several fans to get angry with anything this trivial from the graphic style, it might come as a shock to evolve the superbly stubborn Pikachu who has motivated hordes of kids to deny evolution in their own copies of their games.

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