Pokemon: The First Movie and Pokemon 2,000 are adapted as first handheld games with unique fan art imagining important scenes in Game Boy graphics.


The Pokemon Company dove into the film industry with the first Pokemon film that focused on Mew and Mewtwo in 1999, and several sequels have been released since. A fan who knows the initial intimately Pokemon the movies decided to imagine what Game Boy games would have looked like back in the day if they had followed the scripts of Pokemon: The First Movie and Pokemon 2000.

Twitter user Sindorman recently posted two images created in the likeness of the first Pokemon games with a legend wondering what handheld game adaptations of the Pokemon the films would have looked as if they had been released at the time. While there have been more than a dozen Pokemon films released since the original, Sindorman’s message focuses on Pokemon: The First Movie and Pokemon 2000. Since these films were both released in 1999, the fan art is inspired by the art of pokemon gold and Money both of which were released between the film’s premieres.


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Sindorman’s early fan art rightly focuses on Pokemon: The First Movie and one of his key moments near the end of the film. As several Pokémon clash with their clones with Mewtwo cheering them on, Pokemon Anime hero Ash turns to stone after blocking a powerful psychic blast from Mewtwo. This interference causes all Pokémon to interrupt their battle and scream for the Pokemon trainer, starting with Pikachu, which is the moment that was summed up by Sindorman’s fan art. Standing in the middle of a Pokemon stage between Mew and Mewtwo with all the Pokemon sprites watching, Pikachu and Ash share the heartbreaking moment in Sindorman’s Game Boy rendition of the scene, just like they do in the movie.

Join the many Pokémon watching Pikachu and Ash in Pokemon: The First MovieSindorman’s Game Boy adaptation are Brock, Misty, and Nurse Joy who all play significant roles in the film. The Pokémon included in Sindorman’s fan art from the scene beyond the aforementioned Mew and Mewtwo are Arbok, Tentacruel, Nidoqueen, Nintetales, Squirtle, Vileplume, and Wigglytuff, as the Pokemon line has grown with pokemon gold and Money, Pokemon 2000 and its matching Sindorman fan art had new faces like Slowking and the legendary Pokemon Lugia.

Taking much of Sindorman’s mostly green Game Boy screen for Pokemon 2000 is Lugia looking directly at Ash, Misty, and Tracey standing between several stone pillars on Shamouti Island. While Pokemon 2000 focused on a prophecy about the three legendary birds of Pokemon Generation 1, the three birds are excluded from the Game Boy version of Sindorman. The color palette included in Sindorman’s imagination of the Game Boy adaptations of Pokemon: The first movie and Pokemon 2000 is obviously not the same color scheme used in Pokemon Red and Blue. the Pokemon: The First Movie the fan art alone includes various shades of blue, purple, and pink that wouldn’t have been possible in the original generation of Pokemon due to hardware limitations.

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