We all love Pickachu’s pristine expression and the captivating sound effect that accompanies it. Developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo and The Pokemon Company, the very first game in this captivating and fun series was released in 1996. Since then, gamers have shown their immense love for Pokemon games which still retain the same affection.

The desire to “catch them all” or a sense of comfort fused with familiarity is perhaps what makes millions of game enthusiasts still looking to experience Pokemon games. And Nintendo has been a crucial part of this anthology of games that has been going on for over 2 decades now. So if you are one of the game lovers who are looking for the best of Pokemon games available for Nintendo 3DS, here are the top picks available in India. Looked:

With a renewed focus on storytelling, the Pokemon Moon version for Nintendo will force next-gen gamers and old-timers to return to this series with an extraordinary world, cherished and alive. You will begin your play experience in the Alola region as a kid from the Kanto region, ready to become a Pokemon trainer. If you’ve played previous versions of Pokemon, Alola is relatively smaller and distinctive in nature, but denser with intriguing locations spread across each island.

Another new aspect of Pokemon Moon over previous versions is that there are no gyms where you had to fight. Instead, you will have to undergo many trials given by different Captains in Alola. And the tasks assigned to you on the same line will be much more than just fighting the coaches in a gym. So, a treat for Pokémon fans.


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With the release of the Pokemon Sun series, fanatics of the game experience something very different from what was followed in previous versions. While the gyms are completely gone, there are no hidden machines or as we know them HM and also no original altered pocket monsters. In the Sun version, you will be able to use your Pokémon banks to transfer Pokémon captured in the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console versions of red, blue, and yellow (pokemon) to the Sun Pokémon. To add to your amazement, you can also bring Pokémon X & Y into Pokemon Sun. So, buy this exciting and captivating Pokemon game and rejuvenate the child hidden in you.

Released in 2017, the Pokemon Ultra Moon explains how the little things can have a substantial impact. For example, Pokemon Ultra Moon appears to be just an upgraded version of the previous games (Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Sun). However, if you see it up close, various applicable changes like adding new Pokémon and expanding a whole new dimension for players to explore make Pokemon Ultra Moon a much better game.

Besides that, a more lively user interface, a quick way to save the game and faster gameplay will make you fall in love with this Pokemon version. So get the Pokemon Ultra Moon version and uncover intriguing stories and decipher the riddle behind the legendary original Pokemon.

Enjoy the action-packed beat-’em-ups game via toy land imagery by purchasing the all colorful and amazing Pokemon Rumble World. By removing the old myth that Pokemon games are repetitive, Pokemon Rumble World will give you a deep experience in terms of searching through levels to get a desirable Pokemon.

With fun graphics and sound, this game will let you capture smaller Pokemon and fight the giant Pokemon boss at the finish line of each level. In addition, you will be able to roam deserts, forests, castles and beaches with full control of your Pokémon and using different attack strategies. In short, a simple yet engaging Pokemon game.

Play as a Mii trainer who lives in a Pokémon kingdom by obtaining the ultimate Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. This exquisite Pokémon game from the long-running anthology is hugely popular for its addicting gameplay that takes you through subtle, semi-randomized paths where you have to face large swarms of Pokémon of the same species.

So, with the main beatdown gameplay merged with stimulating connectivity features, this Pokemon game offers an exclusive social feel. Along with this, the free play model of this game with accessible and enjoyable fighting style along with awesome level progression system make it a must buy for Pokeman fans.

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