Pokemon players can’t change how the core rules work, but given the popularity of variants like the Nuzlocke Challenge, they should be able to.

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Pokemon the games have rules that limit the experience to some degree, such as not being able to catch a wild Pokemon after it faints, not being able to opt out of Trainer Battles, or having to progress through the story as intended. For example, pokemon shiny diamond and shiny pearl will not let players access certain areas until they acquire a specific HM to use and the respective Gym badge to unlock it. It’s something that’s been true ever since Pokemon Red and Blueat least until Sun and Moonand there is no change in official games unless it is because of glitches.


Some players feel Pokemon games become too easy over time and they seek a harder challenge while playing. This is why the so-called Nuzlocke Challenge was designed, as it makes the base game more difficult with a new set of self-imposed rules, such as only being able to catch the first wild Pokémon that appears in an area. given. There are lighter and harder versions of the Nuzlocke that players might want to try, but as it stands, any deviation from the base ruleset is not officially supported in-game. , and that should change.

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Changing the Rules in Pokemon Games

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allowing Pokemon fans trying out their own house rules in official games could lead to extended engagement with the games, as it would allow players to explore all sorts of options in their games. The only real issue would be how players can change the rules of their games to make it easier to get specific Pokemon, or feature unofficial variations in stats and abilities or evolutions and colors. In these cases, that specific save might be banned from official tournaments and competitive battles, but two given players sharing the same rules should be able to play together.

Beyond that, there’s no harm in allowing players to customize their games. Anyone could try to experience a Nuzlocke run with pre-set rules, meaning any Pokemon that faint in battle would be automatically released. Something like this might allow Pokemon fans to get even more creative with their rules, invent new challenges, and really play the way they want.

Some players may want to try a Nuzlocke Challenge, but with lighter, more lenient rules, like having only one reroll after each Gym is defeated. Some might prefer their games to be more difficult, with trainers featuring monsters that are trained competitively and to a higher level than basic ones. It’s easy to beat all basic trainers in pokemon shiny diamond and shiny pearl because players have access to the Great Underground between Gyms, and experience is shared among all Pokemon on the team.

Even turning off basic game features could be a beneficial experience for some players if they were optional, like the aforementioned experience sharing in pokemon shiny diamond and shiny pearl. Gen 4 Remakes also come with an affection and friendship system that is common in modern games, which means that sometimes Pokemon resist knockouts out of love for their trainers or land more critical hits. Having the ability to turn this off would be great, as not everyone wants it, which makes the experience much easier. Overall, the customization in Pokemon games has a long way to go, and allowing players to set their own rules would be a good start.

pokemon shiny diamond and shiny pearl are now available on Nintendo Switch.

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