Pokemon the games have a long history, many of them breaking new ground on older releases while also featuring some recurring features and themes from the series. One of them is that players can usually choose their first Pokémon from a set of three new monsters, and while some franchise entries have taken a different approach to this, beginners are still a big part of the game. ‘experience. Another example is that the main line Pokemon games often have multiple Legendary Pokemon available in-game, with a number of these creatures being version-exclusive.


Legendary Pokemon have enormous appeal due to the fantastical power they embody, as they are often mythical creatures with immense powers that also have in-game effects through unique abilities and exclusive moves. For many players, deciding which version of the game they will play revolves around the legendary monsters on the cover, as they are guaranteed encounters in that specific game. However, the fact that each main line Pokemon The game allowing players to catch multiple Legendaries is not necessarily a good thing. It can take away that uniqueness, and sometimes it doesn’t really make sense in terms of in-universe lore.

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Why Catching Legendary Pokemon Isn’t Always Right

Legendary Pokémon are powerful ancient creatures from the mythos of a given region, and they often control the elements – like the weather trio of pokemon ruby, Sapphireand emerald. They can also be deeply connected to their land, like the Tapus in Gen 7. Their powers go beyond those of normal Pokémon due to these strong ties to the elements or to nature as a whole, as the actions of these creatures can shape or reshape the world in many ways.

Some legendary Pokémon are pretty much gods, not just to the world’s inhabitants, but in a more literal sense, with the best examples being Palkia, Dialga, and Arceus. Palkia is the god of space, Dialga is the god of time, and Arceus is the literal creator of the Pokemon universe, having shaped the world itself and all Pokémon, including other Legendaries. Making it easier to fight these Legendary Pokemon already seems odd, as players can just use game mechanics to best them, but allowing all trainers to catch Legendaries doesn’t always make sense.

Tradition suggests that humans can only catch legendary Pokemon because they eventually die, which is when these mythical beasts are released into the wild again. While the premise makes sense, they’re still creatures without peers or equals, and given how closely tied they are to the Pokemon universe that they are, they should not become mascots in a trainer’s adventure. Instead, legendaries should team up with players for specific quests or even allow players to fight alongside them, without changing the gameplay of the series.

Lore-wise, this would be a significant change, as players couldn’t just catch the most powerful creatures in existence with a single Poke Ball or two. It’s also worth noting that catching Legendary Pokémon could have catastrophic consequences for the balance and ecosystem of the world, and that’s why most of the evil teams in Pokemon often seek to control these creatures in the first place. Not all Pokemon The game should allow players to catch all legendary Pokemon for these reasons, and focus more on the relationship between trainers and Pokemon.

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