Pokemon scarlet and violet the exclusives between the two releases are something we can expect to see when this new generation of games launches. Pokemon scarlet and violet carry on the tradition of Pokemon games launching as two different versions of the same game, because since day one with Pokemon Red and Blue, there have been Pokémon exclusive to either game. Here’s everything we know about the differences between the games so far, these are the Pokemon scarlet and violet exclusives.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Exclusives: Pokemon

Unfortunately, we don’t yet know which Pokémon will be exclusive to each version. There are a few things we can assume based on prior knowledge. First up, we have the exclusive Legendary Pokemon version. Every generational Pokemon game has had an exclusive Legendary Pokemon on the cover, so we can assume that will be the case with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

As for the other exclusive Pokemon release between games, we haven’t had any confirmation one way or another. Some Pokémon confirmed to be in the game have been exclusive to games in the past. For example, we know that Larvitar is in the game and Pokemon has been exclusive in Pokémon Diamond and in pokemon y. Several Pokemon have been release exclusives across multiple generations, but we’ll have to wait and see how that pans out in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

One thing we do know is that this new generation of games carries over some of the new mechanics introduced in Pokemon Legends Arceus and integrate them into the main series. While upcoming games aren’t likely to be exactly like Arceus, one thing this game introduced was the Linking Cord item, which was used to evolve Pokémon that conventionally must be traded to trigger evolution. Maybe that means the Pokemon games are moving away from some of those version traditions? We will have to wait and see.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Exclusives: Features

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Version Exclusives: Scarlet and Violet Uniforms

Beyond the Pokémon themselves, we know of at least one other exclusive feature between versions. We’ve seen the player characters wear what looks like a uniform, maybe for school or maybe a coaching organization. Whatever the purpose of the uniform, we know that there are different uniforms for each version of the game.

In pokemon scarlet, sneakers wear scarlet shorts. As for Pokemon Violet, you’ll never guess what color their shorts are. This is the first time there have been specific outfits linked to the different versions, leading some to speculate that perhaps the player’s rival will be from the opposing school/club/organization.

That’s all we know about the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet version exclusives so far. We’ll be back to update this as more news is revealed, so stay tuned for more Pokemon Scarlet and Violet news. In the meantime, let’s have some fun with the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starting Trio: Toot or Boot starters?