A recent poll by Japan’s Goo Ranking reveals what the country considers to be the ten best Pokémon games of all time.

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Goo Ranking is the largest ranking site in Japan. It hosts polls on a variety of topics and allows users to vote on what they think is the best in a given category. Polls include, but are not limited to, topics such as restaurants, retail, and of course video games like Pokemon.

The site recently held a poll asking Japanese gamers what they consider to be the top ten Pokemon games of all time. The poll took place over two weeks between June 7 and June 21, 2020 and saw 1,388 people take part, a typical number for polls like this.


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  1. Pokemon Red and Green (159 votes)
  2. Pokemon X and Yes (102 votes)
  3. Pokémon Diamond and pearl (101 votes)
  4. pokemon gold and Money (91 votes)
  5. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire (69 votes)
  6. Pokemon Black and White (44 votes)
  7. Detective Pikachu (43 votes)
  8. Pokémon Platinum (36 votes)
  9. pokemon heart gold and soul money (32 votes)
  10. pokemon yellow (31 votes)

Pokemon Red and Green making the top of the board by a landslide makes sense since a lot of people like the first generation of Pokemon. Pokemon X and Yes and Pokemon Diamond and pearl essentially tied, with X and Y grating ahead by one voice. However, considering that diamond and pearl also had Pokemon Plantium make the top ten, one could argue that the fourth generation of Pokemon ended up beating sixth.

The two variants of pokemon gold and Money made the top 10 but the originals took the top slots. It is somewhat surprising that Pokemon Black and White did not rank higher, as both are held in high esteem among Pokemon fan base. It should also be noted that Pokemon omega ruby and Alpha sapphire didn’t make the ranking either.

Funny enough, none of Pokemon Change game like Pokémon Sword and Shield is part of the list. In fact, no home console Pokemon game has managed to make an appearance, including games such as Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Stadium. And since Detective Pikachu does the ranking, it rules out the possibility that the list may only include the main Pokemon RPG.

Still, it’s easy to see that this top ten was heavily influenced by nostalgia. Pokemon X and Yes are the most recent base games, and they were released nearly seven years ago. Detective Pikachu is the most recent title featured, and it was already the biggest outlier on the list.

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Source: Goo Ranking

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