After Nintendo announced the closure of the 3DS eShop, sales of classic Pokémon titles such as Johto’s Gold & Silver and Kanto’s Red & Blue skyrocketed.

The Pokemon community found itself in a bit of a panic after Nintendo surprisingly announced that the eShop would be shutting down on the 3DS.

Gamers reacted to the news by rushing to buy classic Pokemon games on the handheld as fans worry about the future of the Pixel Age transfer to Pokemon Home.

Game Freak / The Pokémon Company

Players may lose access to transfer Pokémon from older titles after the 3DS eShop closes in 2023.

Pokemon Players May Lose Ability To Transfer Classic Pokemon To Home

In 2013, Game Freak released Pokemon Bank on 3DS. The paid service allowed players to transfer characters dating back to Gen I’s Red & Blue into storage. This app grew significantly when it was made compatible with the Pokemon Home cloud service in 2020.

This allowed trainers to save all the Pokémon they’ve caught over the past 25 years and even allowed them to use characters in the latest Pokémon games. The feature’s future is now uncertain after Nintendo announced on February 15 that the 3Ds eShop would be shut down in March 2023.

The decision means that future players will no longer be able to download Pokemon Bank to their 3DS or digitally download classic Pokemon titles, which is currently the only way to transfer characters from previous generations.

Within days of the news breaking, Pokemon saw a surge in sales on Nintendo’s handheld console. The top 20 games on the device were dominated by Pokemon releases such as Crystal and Red & Blue.

Journalist and industry insider Jon Cartwright tweeted about the surge in sales, stating, “Unsurprisingly, recent 3DS bestsellers are dominated by Pokémon games. Game Boy cannot officially trade with GBA, so having Bank support is very important. Only official way to get 8-bit Pokemon in modern games.

In response to Nintendo’s announcement, Usual game revealed that Pokemon Bank will become free for all users who own it. However, it’s worth pointing out that those who don’t have the app or older gen titles on their 3DS by March 2023 will essentially be cut off from transferring characters.

It’s unclear at the time of writing if The Pokemon Company intends to digitally re-release all classic Pokemon games on the Nintendo Switch. If that ends up being the case, that will solve the biggest problem. However, until the feature’s future is certain, dedicated trainers are scrambling to ensure they can transfer their pixel ‘mon into the years to come.