Game Freak posted a new post on its recruiting site where it inspires people to work with the company and get involved in the future of the Pokemon series. One of the people involved in the feature film is Shigeru Omori, who is the director of the ever popular Pokemon Sword and Shield. He mentioned in the article that his main goal and those of the development team is to use new technology to help create Pokemon games that “players want and make Pokemon feel like they exist and live with us.” . The next entry in the Pokemon franchise is Pokemon Legends: Arceus which releases on January 28. Here is what was said:

“Even after 20 years, the Pokemon franchise is still going strong. Omori says that while he thinks the game is perfect, there are always new ideas after the project is finished. He added that Pokemon will continue to change with new technology, new development teams, and new ways to play. Omori wants to make Pokemon games that players desire and make Pokemon feel like it exists and lives with us.

“It may be surprising to hear that each Pokémon title is made in a totally different way. Team members try not to rely on experience and like to take on the new challenge given to them. Iwao pointed out that no matter what the job, if you do it long enough, it will end up being tedious. However, with Game Freak there are always new opportunities and new positions, and being able to participate in equipment projects means it never gets repetitive and never gets boring. With a vast experience of over 20 years, a unique system that allows young people to experience failure and success, and a business that continues to change generations, Pokemon will continue to evolve.

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