With so much, so, many games in the Pokemon series, it can be difficult for new and old fans to decide which games to choose next. Here’s the compiled list of the ten best Pokémon games of all time – including spin-offs, separate series, and remakes. Since the first generation of games, Pokemon has frequently released new super loaded entries within the same generation, as well as fighting games, smooth story games and apps! These are the 10 best Pokemon Games.

10 РPok̩mon Stadium

Pokemon Stadium was a new and different entry into the Pokemon series. Stadium added a new challenge Рless story, just battles! Based on strategic moves, the goal was to beat other Pok̩mon in one-on-one competitive metagames.

Stadium was the first iteration of a true 3D Pok̩mon Рwhich was revolutionary at the time! The game also introduced the first connection between console and handheld games, with the N64 TransferPak. These innovations tapped into a new part of the Pok̩mon fan base, which was looking for a different type of game than the classic RPG. Stadium Would also make a fantastic contender for the upcoming Nintendo Switch remake.

9 РPok̩mon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon


Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were the latest entries in the DS family of systems. The games were absolutely packed with features besides the main story – from a camera-themed mini-game to the ability to scan QR codes to find rare Pokémon outside of the National Dex, Ultra Sun and Moon had hours and hours of content. While Sun and moon were solid entrances, they were a bit thin; the Ultra the games have improved dramatically about it. The graphics have been updated, the character scenarios and even the essays have been changed. Alolan’s additions to the Pokédex are considered the most creative of a long time, which really helped bring the franchise back to life.

8 РPok̩mon GO


Pokémon GO is by far the most popular game in the series – otherwise no series on mobile platforms! Its 2016 release sparked a response like never before: huge crowds gathered near every Pokéstop and gym, and rushed to the next generation of ‘Mon on the Map’. Pokémon GO is the most downloaded game on mobile platforms, ever. Despite the simplistic starting gameplay, by now fans are checking in and stalking regularly. Pokemon. Since its release, there have been several substantial updates bringing features like subsequent generations of Pokémon, battle leagues, and new game modes to keep fans playing.

7 РRed and Blue Pok̩mon


Red and Blue Pokémon, the first monumental popular opus of the Pokemon franchise, remain one of the best iterations in the game. If pure nostalgia wasn’t enough, there are other reasons. Red and blue were actually difficult games; over time the games got easier with tips like EXP Share or the ability to train Pokémon separately for your adventure – but Red and blue were very simple. All Pokémon had to be trained separately, and there was no indication as to which types are better than the others. Trial and error was inevitable. Red and blue showcased not only the first 151 iconic Pokémon, but also recognizable trainers like Brock and Misty – and some of the best Legendaries to date!

6 РBlack and White Pok̩mon 2


Unlike other entries in generations before them, Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 were actually full sequels – not just remakes! Black and white 2 are considered the “cult” favorites of the Pokemon world. These are the first (and only) games in the franchise to feature difficulty settings, but only after the game is over. Still, it adds a new kind of content for gamers. These new Unova-centric games combined fully animated Pokémon and lovely 3D backgrounds, along with the addition of triple battles!

5 РNew Pok̩mon Snap


The first iteration of Pokémon Snap released in 1999, in the era of experimentation Pokemon spin off. A puzzle game on a fixed rail system, Break required players to take pictures of wild Pokémon to achieve their goals and earn stars. A lot of people were negative about the release of this game – however, it turned out to be a smash hit! The relaxing gameplay didn’t involve type matching, quick combat, or painful puzzles to overcome in gyms. 2021 remake of Break brought a lot more Pokemon and brand new shiny graphics. New and old fans flocked to the Switch copy of the game and cemented its place as one of the best Pokémon games of all time.

4 РPok̩mon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team


The loved one Mystery Dungeon the series has many entries – but by far the best is Blue rescue team. These have seen compatible games for both the Nintendo DS and the GameBoy Advance. Subsequent entries have had many upgrades since that first title, but this created a remaining framework for future sequels which continued to gain popularity.

3 РPlatinum Pok̩mon


A suite of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Platinum Not only brings new ideas to games, but also solves the problems of its predecessors. The most important of these being that it brought in more fire-type Pokémon – in Diamond and Pearl, if you didn’t choose Chimchar as your starter, you’d be stuck without a strong fire type for the rest of the game. Platinum, this is resolved because more ‘Mons have been added to the Pokédex. These additions included new forms; Rotom has received five new themed forms as well as other Pokémon that have undergone some changes.

Online functionality has been upgraded in Platinum too much; a new WiFi Plaza has been added where up to 20 players can join mini-games together, as well as improvements to previous online features. These upgrades harmonize well with new and different environments, making Pokémon Platinum a solid fan favorite.

2 РFire Red / Leaf Green Pok̩mon


2004 saw the release of Fire red and leaf green РStrong remakes for the GameBoy Advance of the original GameBoy games. For many, this was the first introduction to the Pokemon franchise. Fire red and leaf green really brought the world to life; bringing new sprites, a fully colorful art style, and new music to the mix. There was also a huge amount of post-game content Рthe Elite Four, as well as the Sevii Islands, were brought in for players to fight and beat. On the Sevii Islands, all Johto Pok̩mon were available to catch! The remakes also added Steel and Dark types, bringing a new layer to battles and type matching. Even older fans who knew the original games inside and out had a new and exciting experience with these games!

1 РPok̩mon Heart Gold / Soul Silver


There really is no competition here: Gold Heart and Silver Soul are considered the best Pokemon game across the board. The games are remakes of the 1999 Pokémon Gold and Silver, but in addition to that, they bring functionality of Crystal and a whole host of new features to enhance the gaming experience. Quality of life improvements have been added, as well as fixes to issues that fans commonly encountered Gold and silver. Interestingly, the games were also able to connect to the Gen 4 versions – Diamond, pearl and platinum. This added a HUGE amount of Pokémon available in the postgame and a lot more content than the originals. Gold Heart and Silver Soul are considered the most complete Pokemon games due to the level curve, having your monster buddy following you around the map, and small additions like the PokéWalker (allowing Pokémon to level up when you walk in real life!). It’s not hard to imagine why this game tops the list – any seasoned fan will tell you that it is their favorite game and for many good reasons!

New Pokémon Snap is available now on Nintendo Switch.