“Pokemon” video games throughout their years of existence and establishment in the industry and around the world are known to give and provide some of the greatest rivalries developed from the main character or avatar of the player in the game to face a Pokémon. coach who could be proclaimed as their own rival.

Since the first Pokémon games released in history, known as “Pocket Monsters Red” and “Pocket Monsters Green” in 1996, it was already showing and brewing rivalries between the player’s Pokémon trainer counterpart in the game and another rival who might have the skills and strengths to continue against the player’s supplied and developed prowess. Some may be true antagonists initiating evil plans and acts, but some are just skilled and proven Pokémon trainers with the same intention and purpose as the players; be the best trainer in the world of Pokémon.

CBR has listed some of the best rivals that players can interact with and follow the already long lineage of Pokemon video games. And here are three:

1. Blue

Blue could be considered the most popular and established rival in all Pokemon games. He was the very first and original rival to players from “Pokemon Red” and “Pokemon Green” and has seen many game versions of himself as well. He could be dubbed as the typical type of strong rival of a game protagonist – a sort of teasing and insulting rival akin to an antagonist who would do anything to prove that he is stronger and better than the player.

Still, he turns out to be a worthy opponent as he was the one who beat the Pokemon League champion before the player reached that level, making Blue the current Pokemon League champion and the one who must be defeated by the player. This would then be the final battle of the Pokemon games featuring Blue. He could also in a way be the companion of Gary Oak’s video game in the animated series, which is Ask Ketchum’s main rival. This has made him one of the best rivals in Pokemon games, and perhaps video games in general.

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2. Wally

Some may not see him as a rival because of his friendly and kind approach. Still, Wally could be somehow accessible to fans and gamers around the world, as his outsider attitude brings him the best. He would even enlist the player’s help in the “Pokemon Sapphire” and “Pokemon Ruby” game series to catch his first Pokemon, Raltz.

Wally might not be the strongest rival or even be included in some of the most powerful Pokémon trainers that have appeared in the game, but his enthusiasm has made him a friendly rival for most players.

3. Money

And last but not least, Silver, the son of Team Rocket big boss Giovanni, was one of those rivals who made the CBR roster. The fact that he’s a truly determined and willful Pokémon trainer already makes him a worthy opponent, but his anger at his motivation to prove his father he’s the best makes him somehow more antagonistic.

Yet, just like what The Gamer mentioned, his eventual loss of the player (by accomplishing and defeating Silver in battle, of course) may take him to a turning point in which he would realize he has to let go of his anger. and his hatred towards his father and the world. This would then lead to forming a friendship with the player, making him someone who was a friend and comrade-turned rival.

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