Trainers, put down your Pokedex, because it’s important. This weekend marks the 20th anniversary of Pokemon, a game popular with Millennials around the world. Whether you are brand new to the game, a first generation gamer, or just someone who collects Pokémon cards, you can appreciate the importance of all of the unique characters in Pokémon history. But just like in real life, these characters have to make a living if they are to be successful in Pallet Town – or anywhere else in the Pokemon universe. So join me as I break down how much money our friends would make in the real world economy.

(Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/ Flickr)

Nurse Joy – $ 58,000 / year

If you’ve ever killed a Pokemon in a battle, and I know you have, you know the charming and always helpful Nurse Joy pretty well. Located throughout the Pokemon universe, Nurse Joy is responsible for getting your Pokemon back in shape. In the Pokémon world, we assume that Nurse Joy worked from healthy Pokémon smiles. But in the real world, by healing people instead of Pokémon, she would earn an average salary of around $ 58,000 per year.

Professor Oak – $ 89,000 / year

Located in Pallet Town, Professor Samuel Oak makes a living as a Pokémon Professor where he focuses on the connections between Pokémon and human relationships. As a teacher, Professor Oak earns approximately $ 89,000 per year. Not only is he responsible for teaching Pokémon, but his duties are to provide young trainers with their first Pokémon and make sure they are ready for battle. Professor Oak is renowned in his industry and an idol to many educators and researchers.

Officer Jenny – $ 48,000 / year

With Team Rocket not doing well – and at all times of the day – it’s important to have some security around the Pokemon universe. Enter Officer Jenny and her companion Growlithe and Arcanine. While Officer Jenny has a nice facade, this woman is serious about protecting innocent Pokémon and their trainers. If Agent Jenny worked in today’s economy, she would earn around $ 48,000 per year.

Researcher Gary Oak – $ 76,000 / year

Grandson of Professor Oak and former rival of Ash Ketchum, Gary has a lot to do. His accomplishments in his resume include the defeat of 10 gym leaders in the Kanto region and the fourth round of the Pokemon League. It wasn’t until he lost a Pokémon battle with Ash that he decided to stop being a Pokémon trainer and follow in his grandfather’s footsteps. As a research scientist, Gary would earn almost $ 76,000 per year.

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