It doesn’t matter how many decades have passed since the original was released Red and blue for the Game Boy, Pokemon continues to have an incredibly dedicated fan base, and newcomers are still entering the franchise with recent phenomena such as Pokémon Go help relax in a more relaxed audience. While every new game in the series has made changes to help streamline or modernize things, that doesn’t necessarily mean that every new entry ranks higher than the last. In fact, at least according to IGN, it is impossible to dethrone a classic.

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Today we’re going to rank the top 10 top games in the Pokèmon franchise, based on IGN review scores.

ten Red And Leaf Green Light: 9/10

Arriving at number 10 are Red and Leaf Green Light, GBA remakes of the classic Red and Green, although originally in North America, Red came out alongside Blue. This pair is certainly the stronger of the two when it comes to Kanto remakes, featuring improved sprites and music from the original game, as the remakes have the luxury of being on a more powerful system than the original Game Boy. Above all, they add a wonderful splash of color to what was a completely monochrome game, and we have very fond childhood memories of this pair of games.

The fact that you could finally play wirelessly via an adapter was also a great addition to the series in its day.

9 Sun and Moon: 9/10

Place number nine belongs to none other than Sun and moon for the Nintendo 3DS, and it definitely deserves to be on this list. Alola introduced the series’ first real revamp to the formula for Gym Battles ultimately leading to the Elite Four, replacing them with Island Trials instead. They were a bit hit and miss in terms of fun, but each one was very creative and it was always refreshing to experience something so different.

These games also featured a heavier story than most of the previous ones, and we found ourselves more attached to the characters in this entry than most.

8 Crystal: 9/10

Then in 8th place we have the third game of the original Johto trilogy, Pokemon Crystal. It was an incredibly exciting time for fans of the franchise, and was the first game to offer the choice of playing as a female or male protagonist instead of a mere male. The sprites for the pokemon also have small animations now instead of just being stuck as static models in the titles that came before it.

The story is also tweaked slightly to give some of the Legendaries, especially Suicune being the game’s Legendary Box, more presence, which is always a welcome addition.

seven Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon: 9/10

The remakes for Sun and moon, appropriately nicknamed Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, take seventh place on the list – and boy, do they have enough extra content to justify their place. In addition to expanding, expanding and even changing The story of SuMo in some places it has an additional mini-game, a new online mode in the form of Battle Agency and a new trial for the Fairy type. There is also a gym-like combat arena, but unlike regular gyms which are simply challenged once, this one can be used daily.

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We know that casual fans tend to either play the original Where the second game in a generation, but we fully recommend Ultra if you’re one of the fans who skipped them.

6 X and Y: 9/10

Sixth place goes to none other than X and Y. Fortunately, the generally slow opening of the main games is speeded up in this generation, which makes things less of a hassle for those who aren’t newcomers. It was also the first The Pokémon games to move away from pixel sprites and go fully 3D, and that adds a lot of charm and personality to our beloved collectible creatures. The online features of this game are arguably better than any game that came before it, and even better than the games to come. after this.

This entry also introduced Mega Evolutions, which to this day are still highly rated by the community despite not being in the last entry.

5 Sword and Shield: 9.3 / 10

Fifth place actually goes to Sword and shield, the latest generation of Pokèmon games and the first non-derivative title for the Switch. Additions like camping to play with your Pokémon and cooking with curry are very popular, and it’s the little features like this where these titles really shine. While the story is pretty basic, these games feature a wide array of colorful characters, and it’s quite a challenge not to fall in love with at least one of them during your game.

Having a mix of seeing sprites in the overworld and having random encounters in the grass is something that we hope is now standard in the series as well.

4 White 2 / Black 2: 9.6 / 10

Next in fourth place are the successors of Black and White, Black 2 and White 2. Instead of just being the original game with a few little additions or improvements, these games really take it out of the water. The new additions feature new main characters, new areas to explore, and even a whole new storyline. When it comes to getting the most out of remakes, Black 2 and White 2 are probably the best example.

Game Freak also had a lot of experience working with the DS at this point, so they were able to get absolutely all they could of the material this time around.

3 Gold / Silver: 10/10

Number three belongs to none other than the classic Johto experience, Gold and silver. Not only was this generation home to Johto and a wide variety of new Pokémon to catch, but after players beat the Elite Four, a special surprise opened! Being able to return to Kanto and go back to a familiar world again, being able to basically play two games in one.

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It was rather shocking to fans, but also incredibly well received, and it’s a feature that fans have been craving to see in another game since.

2 Yellow: 10/10

The theft of second place is actually a semi-remake of the original games, but with a little twist – Pokèmon Yellow. Players still walk through Kanto like in the originals, but instead of choosing from your choice of Charmander, Bulbasaur, or Squirtle, they are instead given a Pikachu! One can talk to this Pikachu and will move the player and express emotions, sometimes even giving the player items. It was a wonderful way to really feel a bond was forming between the trainer and Pokémon, even then.

The best part is that the original three starters can still be obtained as you progress through the game.

1 Red / Blue: 10/10

The original still sits atop the Pokémon games throne, it seems, as the top spot is occupied by none other than Red and blue. While weighed down by various bugs, glitches, and limitations that emerged in the mid-90s, the original titles seemed to have truly captured the hearts of fans in a way no title has been able to do since. While not the most visually or musically impressive, and having virtually no actual history, he laid the groundwork for all which came after, and for that it deserves the crowning title of the best main Pokèmon game.

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