Pokémon Gold/Silver Nintendo 3DS

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Nintendo and the Pokemon Group have reissued two classics Pokemon games of yesteryear from previous generations, for gamers who rock a Nintendo 3DS. You can pick up both new versions of Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver right now from the Nintendo eShop, where the games are available for digital download.

According to a press release released by Nintendo, you can grab Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver right now from above Nintendo Online Store for just $9.99 each. The classic games re-release is based on the original games released in 1999… yes, both titles are almost approaching the 20 year mark. They were among the last Pokemon games released for the Game Boy Color before Nintendo started focusing on the Game Boy Advanced.

In fact, Game Freak’s own developers were extremely apprehensive about moving to the Game Boy Advanced with pokemon ruby and Sapphire because of fears of failure and not being able to exceed the interest or entertainment values ​​of previous games. However, pokemon ruby and Sapphire still managed to sell quite decently on the Game Boy Advance, even though the Pokemon the series in general had declined following the hugely popular return of Star Wars with Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

Nevertheless, over the years Game Freak and the Pokemon Company managed to bring the brand back to life and then took things a step further with Pokemon Go, when the game ended up making the brand a global phenomenon. … again !

In the meantime, Game Freak continues to roll out one hit after another, and the team is currently working on a full-scale role-playing game for the Nintendo Switch which is slated for release in 2018 or 2019.

However, before gamers get that far ahead, it’s possible to catch up on the series with the Nintendo 3DS version of pokemon gold and Pokemon Silver. The games introduced the day and night cycle, as well as Pokemon Eggs, two new types in the form of Steel and Dark, and some new Legendaries.

The new Johto region has also opened up a whole new area to explore and new tournaments to complete. It is even noted that the Johto region played an important role in games like Pokken DX Tournament for Wii U and Nintendo Switch.

Now keep in mind that the reissue of pokemon gold and Pokemon Silver are simply that: reissues. The games have not been overhauled with all new HD visuals, nor remade with 3D graphics. They’re still the classic games they were when they were released in 1999, just made available and compatible for those with a Nintendo 3DS.

I’m sure a lot of fans would love to have these Virtual Console games available for the Nintendo Switch, but I imagine Nintendo is still working hard on that option. In the meantime, you can pick up a digital copy of classic Game Boy Advance games by heading to the Nintendo eShop.